APEC countries need a common agreement to protect the worlds oceans — expert

APEC economies need general legal solutions to overcome the global problem of environmental pollution and biological resources and protect the world's oceans, the director of the Institute for Regional Problems Dmitry Zhuravlev.

"It is more a problem of technology and biology, and the problems of psychology and law.'s Time to move to the legal decisions, and not just to a certain framework protocols, and by the more concrete solutions that can be implemented. Should go to some common document — APEC — to solve this problem, "- said the expert while held in RIA Novosti video conference Moscow — Yeosu (South Korea) — Vladivostok, Russia's initiatives dedicated to the protection of the oceans.

Videobridge organized within Russia's participation in the World held in Yeosu specialized exhibition EXPO-2012, on the theme "The Living Ocean and the coastal zone: the diversity of resources and their management."

Zhuravlev said that the adoption of such a document requires a huge amount of work, but such a move is inevitable.

"I understand that it is easier to propose than done, I know what a huge amount of work it takes, but we're on it all the same will not go away, whether it is at this summit or is it a year," — believes Zhuravlev.

He also said that if the area is not taken adequate decisions, a negative impact on many regions.

"I regionalists, I understand what will happen to our Far Eastern regions, if the problem of the ocean will remain in the state in which it is now — there will not be the economy, there is no environment and the population will be a lot of problems. Necessary to proceed to a binding contract on obscheATESovskom level ", — said the head of the institute.

In September in Vladivostok will be the 24 th annual meeting of leaders of the Asia-Pacific region. This is the first APEC summit, which takes Russia.

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