Archeologists and geologists have a chance to solve the mystery of Stonehenge

January 14, 2012 18:29

British geologists, reviewing thousands of samples of rocks, found a clue to the solution of the greatest puzzles of European civilization — the origin of Stonehenge. However, to discover the secrets of the prehistoric stone gates, you will need more than one key, and the whole bunch.

NTV correspondent Anton Wolski figured out the details.

There are two theories on the origin of Stonehenge. According to one, the stones brought to the valley glacier, and, later, local residents have laid this design. According to another Virtue, people have cut down these blocks and brought them here.

Richard Bivens, a geologist, "For the first time, we can pinpoint the place where the stones were taken. We found the source. This has not proved any of the theories, but at least now we know where to look for evidence. "

Two British scientists have done a great job, having studied more than 6000 samples of stones. The result is stunning.

Robert Ikser, a geologist, "We cut a very thin plate and polish it like a mirror. This allows us to study the stone not only to the light, but in reflection. "

As a result, 300 kilometers from Stonehenge was found a rock, which, as geologists believe, and take the stones. Gore is very small, only 70 meters in length. However, probably, before the start of construction, it was more. The ancient builders have plagued it for their projects.

Robert Ikser: "Look, it is very unusual stone. Some archaeologists argue that it has been selected for the construction of Stonehenge, because it looks like a starry sky. "

Geologists say that their information is correct by 99%. Now it is up to archaeologists. In the summer in these locations to begin excavation. The chances of finding traces of cutting stones, or even the ancient instruments are higher than ever.

Robert Ikser: "We are on the threshold of historical discoveries. The mystery of Stonehenge can be solved. While it is clear we are still at the very beginning. "

In the near future may be revised all the science of the origin of Stonehenge — the main prehistoric monument is not only the UK but the whole of modern civilization. But even if it can prove that the stones for the construction of Stonehenge were actually taken from here, you still have more questions than answers. Indeed, from here to Stonehenge about 300 kilometers. And it is unclear how boulders weighing up to 50 tons have been delivered to that distance.

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