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November 14, 2011 20:53

Area 51

The U.S. government told their citizens that has no data on contacts with extraterrestrial life

They were forced to do a petition with the signatures of 25,000 Americans on the website We The People. The petition demands the publication known to the White House of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Response from the government was clear: neither any contact the White House does not know and has no information "that extraterrestrials made contact or communication with humanity."

White House spokesman Phil Larson also noted that the U.S. government, "there is no evidence that the withheld from the public any information about the contact with extraterrestrial beings."

At the same time, more than a dozen years, people throughout history excites so-called Area 51 — the alleged crash site alien ship.

Picture of Area 51 satellite Google

Area 51 — it is a military base and a remote branch United States Air Force Base Edwards. It is located in southern Nevada, 83 miles (133 km) north-west of the center of Las Vegas. In the center of the base, on the southern shore of Lake Groom, is a large military airfield. The main purpose of the base — the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems, which, after approval by the U.S. secret services used in conventional military bases. There are rumors that the base is the center of communication with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations and alien base of the study and their technologies. However, confirmation of these hypotheses, none has been found, and the U.S. government has denied any possibility of these assumptions.

More satellite images of Area 51:

Satellite images of Area 51

Satellite images of Area 51

Satellite images of Area 51

Satellite images of Area 51

Feed events associated with Zone 51:

1957 — Atomic Energy Commission shall publish in the U.S. media, "An introduction to nuclear testing in Nevada." The booklet describes a small base at Groom Lake, called the Watertown project. The booklet stated that the research base is part of a government project to study the weather.

1961 — Initial airspace base expands up, but not beyond the Earth's atmosphere — air space base has a size five to nine nautical miles, but extends to the cosmos and is called R-4808. A year later, the Air Force unit expands the space again, but this time the perimeter reaches the size of 22 to 20 nautical miles, forming "Groom box" or just "Box". No flying, commercial or military, are not permitted in a limited space (except those test flights with the base).

1962 — the first A-12, a secret aircraft, code-named OXCART, reaches Groom Lake. The first test flight is conducted two months after the arrival of the aircraft at the base. A year later, at the base come CIA pilots to begin training piloting the A-12.

1967 — the first MiG-21 Soviet aircraft, arrives to the lake Groom. U.S. officials called the test program of the MiG «Have Donut». Some pilots are beginning to call restricted airspace over Groom Lake "Red Square."

1977 — many years before the public knew about the stealth fighter, the first prototype of the F117 was taken to Area 51. Project called «Have Blue». That same year, the United States Geological makes the photo area from the air. Photo appears in numerous publications and publicly available prior to 1994, when the government prohibits its issuance and shall delete all copies.

1982 — The first flight of the vehicle, known as «Tacit Blue». As F-117A, «Tacit Blue» — fighter.

1984 — Area 51 applies for additional 89,000 acres of land to increase the size of the enclosed space around the base. Protection Zone 51 to take care of the fact that the public does not go to the territory, it was several months before the land was officially withdrawn at the disposal of the base. This caused a wave of outrage of local residents and tourists, which was useless. Query area 51 ratified by Congress just three years later.

1988 — The Soviet satellite pictures of Area 51. Popular Science published a photo, which makes the majority of American citizens first chance to see the secret base. That same year, Robert Frost, a civil servant at Area 51, dies. An autopsy shows that his body contained high levels of dangerous chemicals such as dioxin, trichlorethylene, and dibenzofuran. His widow, Helen, filed a lawsuit against several government officials, claiming that her husband died as a result of forced exposure to hazardous chemicals.

1989 — Bob Lazar appears on television and says that working on reverse engineering alien technology near Lake Groom. In particular, he said, in the heart of Area 51 is a kind of underground secret UFO laboratory dedicated to research and the study of unidentified lethal objects.

According to other reports, the U.S. government and the governments of some other countries deliberately withhold information about UFOs, because they do not just watch their appearance, but also actively interact with extraterrestrial beings.

The U.S. government denies even the possibility of contact with aliens, and at the same time completely covers Area 51

In the late 90's someone Scott Rhine (former employee of Area 51), speaking on American television, said that in one of the underground hangars of the base are extraterrestrial beings. Of course, government officials, and later President Bill Clinton quickly responded to this statement and began to assert that the disclosed information is not true, and Scott Rhine just insane, but, according to Bob Lazar unlikely President would serve to refute statements of some abnormal.

1995 — Area 51 gets two new locations — Freedom Ridge («Freedom Ridge") and White Sides Peak («Belostenny peak"). President Clinton signed an executive order exempting Area 51 from the legislative process, to preserve national security.

Nevada calls Route 375, formerly known as "the loneliest road in America", "extraterrestrial highway."

1996 — Nevada called Route 375, formerly known as "the loneliest road in America", "extraterrestrial highway." Skeptics the world groan in unison.
1997 — Area 51 declassified, although all the operations carried out on the base, is still kept in strict confidence.

2007 — presumably in Area 51 are building a new hangar, much larger than the existing one.

Note that Bill Sweetman of Aviation Week mentioned earlier that the activity of the base can not keep secret also due to the fact that it is isolated from the Internet, as well as through programs of disinformation.

So, he said, the hype about UFOs in the 50-60-s was designed to distract attention from the secret U-2 flights and similar aircraft, and in the late 70's — early 80's Area 51 also tried to connect with a UFO, providing forged documents, eyewitness accounts of alien technology and even bodies of aliens. All this, according to Sweetman, was intended as a way to mask the reconstruction of Area 51 and divert attention from its true purpose.

At accessible distance are only visible flea hoppers, military camps and dry lakes, the main part of the base is located underground. Area 51 workers committed to serve there for life and have no right to communicate with relatives.

Area 51 — is still a mystery, it chronicles still under U.S. media

Area 51 — is still a mystery, it chronicles still under the U.S. media and the Internet are always new theories about Area 51

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