Arrested for online activities

Brest activist Ivan Stasiuk detained at the Belarusian-Polish border and was taken to a local branch of the KGB. Belarusian border guards seized the passport at the border and activist explained that the passport be returned to him only after prophylactic conversation, according to Radio Radio Station.

As pointed out by Ivan Stasiuk, KGB wanted to ensure that the activist stopped his opposition activities in social networks:

— Detained as I passed customs control. Was taken to the headquarters of the KGB. Questioned there about my activities in online communities, and my trips to Ukraine on patriotic conventions of the National Alliance of my contacts with Ukrainians also about my trip to Poland.

Also, as noted by Ivan Stasiuk, KGB threatened him with pressure on his relatives in Belarus and dezinfarmavannem friends and activists to cooperate with the KGB.

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