Arrested Russian citizen want to cancel the residence permit

With respect to the case of the arrested event on December 19 in Minsk Russians Ivan Gaponava started the cancellation process of the residence permit.

This was announced on January 24 after a visit by Russian diplomats arrested BelaPAN press secretary of the Russian Embassy in Belarus Vadim Gusev.

"During the meeting, Gapon said that initiated the cancellation of his residence in Belarus. At the same time, any evidence of the commission of unlawful acts by Russian citizens still Belarusian side has not presented to them, for the last week of any investigation was conducted "- said Gusev.

Second arrested a Russian, Artem Brevs, reported that it regularly visits the doctor in connection with the attacks of chronic asthma, he is given the necessary medication. Problems with the transfer of family essentials Russians are not told Gusev.

"The Embassy continues to closely interact with relatives and lawyers of Russian citizens. This week, lawyers will submit a petition to change the measure of restraint Russian citizens, who are in custody," — said Gusev.

Also, the embassy waiting for a response on January 14 aimed appeal to the General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus with a request to inform the grounds and reasons which cause the Belarusian side was necessary to apply to the Brevsa and Gaponava measure in the form of detention.


brevs, Gapon

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