At the coast of Lincolnshire bred monster

August 20, 2012 9:18

The British began frankly afraid of swimming in the North Sea, especially at one of the resorts. After all, in the body of water was seen terrible animal. Eyewitnesses claim that the successor of the Loch Ness monster.

And it has appeared recently. A resident of London provided all interesting video, filmed on camera. Mystery creature lives on the shores of Lincolnshire, which belongs to the category of the resort. While viewing the image in the eye is drawn to the animal, which has in its structure a few fins. And next to the animal swims bathing people. When it came near the shore, the water afraid to go rest. And one has only to imagine what harm can make a monster, besides swimming in the sea kids.

 As soon as the monster came into view, a man all at once warned of the arrival of sharks. Rebecca Clark did not believe him, and started to take off going because I thought it was garbage. But soon questioned his version. And when I saw the beast, I immediately showed her dragon or a huge crocodile. You can compare the picture to the one that was on Loch Ness. According to the common people, are essentially identical. But experts do not say so categorically. They believe that a resident of the capital of Great Britain captured on camera large orca or shark. This view is shared by John Irving.

Version of Mark Williams in the sense similar to the previous one, but it has some minor amendments. According to the scientist from Portsmouth, on footage shows two sharks, not just one, as suggested by a colleague. According to preliminary data, the length of the animal reaches five meters. In general, the idea of fauna data should not swim to the shore of Lincolnshire, but this year for some reason it happened.
Recent observations of experts have shown that in the North Sea are algal blooms. Near this city, this process is most active. Likely sharks eat such food. By the way according to Williams, the coast of Norfolk recently discovered the same shark. That's just his claim scientist could not confirm video.

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