ATGM Cornet-AM will change the SAM Arrow?

ATGM "Kornet-EM" SAM will replace the "Arrow"?Tula Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) to further Metropolitan Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011 (Zhukovsky, 16-21 August 2011) for the first time demonstrate a new multi-purpose high-precision missile complex (RK) "Cornet-AM" long range, designed for effective against ground and air targets.

According to some media reports, is jointly own a new combat abilities of Kazakhstan, as an anti-, superior to their counterparts in 3-5 times, easier to use, maintain, and consume ammo, the price is 3-4 times less than similar, and for putting ordnance on goal highly protected an automatic laser-beam control system.

RK "Cornet-EM "- is designed to deal with the modern and promising tanks with reactive armor, light armored vehicles, surface and air targets (UAVs, helicopters, planes attack aircraft) also hit the fortifications. To defeat the purposes of the designated type ammunition in the complex has 16 missiles, of 8 of them ready to use. With all of this can be used all the missiles of the family "Kornet-E." complex "Cornet-AM" provides hitting targets at ranges of 150 — 10,000 m remote-controlled missiles in the laser beam with the introduction of automatic control system, which has the highest noise immunity.

Provided salvo fired at once 2-goals. The cumulative warhead with 7 kg TNT equivalent armor provides up to 1300 mm. Transfer time from traveling to combat does not exceed 7. The complex incorporates the principle of "fire — forgotten" by the use of vision with automatic target tracking. This prevents people from anti-tank guided process, about 5 times more accurate target tracking in the real criteria of combat deployment and 2-fold increase in the range of acts ATGM "Kornet-E", while significant increase in the probability of target destruction. In addition, the ability to fire at targets automatically reduces the load on the psycho-physical operators, the requirements for their skills and reduces the time to prepare them.

Accommodation in the proposed variant 2-automatic launchers (mass of the complex weapons with ammunition with half PU 0.8 / 1.2 m) provides simultaneous volley fire on two targets, which significantly increases the rate and rate of fire of the complex. In addition, "Cornet-AM" can lead salvo firing with 2 missiles at a single target, which provides active protection systems to overcome.

According disk imaging KBP, better system management of the complex, the design of engines of guided missiles and automatic tracking of targets increased range firing anti-tank complex with KBCH to 8 km, and the SD and FBCH — up to 10 km. With all of this accuracy to 10 km range was higher than that of the base complex "Kornet-E" range of 5 km.

ATGM "Kornet-EM" SAM will replace the "Arrow"?Increase the range and precision shooting, high-speed tracking of targets and the use of SD with a thermobaric warhead with contact and proximity fuses provided the use of a new ATRA to effectively combat helicopters, UAVs and aircraft attack aircraft at a distance of 10 km. With all of this defeat air targets is provided at the lumen of the SD at a distance up to 3 m (slip) of the shell the target. So Makar, ATGM "Kornet-EM" as needed can be used as a means of short-range anti-aircraft and military orders to cover the first echelon of the impact of low-flying aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. The figure kill zone RK Kornet-EM. Sketch

The composition of ATGM "Kornet-EM" fighting machine comes with 2 automatic launchers and an operator interface, SD and also different types of warheads. Automatic PU with 4 SD on it, has a sight with the TV cameras of high resolution imager and the third-generation, integrated laser rangefinder and a laser channel missile guidance, and automatic tracking of targets with guided drives.

Estimating the known major properties ATGM "Kornet-EM", imposed a question — whether this complex real change in the battlefield air defense missile system (ADMS) close acts of "Strela-10".

(9K35M3, SA-13, Gopher) — one of the more recognizable modifications of the self-propelled anti-aircraft complex near an act that is intended to cover the troops and installations in all types of combined arms combat on the ground and in the movement from shocks visually apparent low-flying aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles ( KR), and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the criteria for organized optical interference. The structure of SAM "Strela-10M3" includes military assets (self-propelled floating IPs in the track-based, anti-aircraft missiles) and the means of technical support. Any BM gun with 8 missiles armed with a set of tools designed to detect the target, aiming and firing its rockets.

SAM "Strela-10M3" with missiles 9M333 provides target engagement, flying with foreign exchange parameter to 3 km in the area of 0.8-5 km range and 0,025-3,5 km altitude with a probability of 0.3-0.6 with one rocket . The highest rate of the targeted objectives by firing towards (vdogon) 415 (310) m / s, and the reaction SAM — to 7, the mass-Zour — 42 kg, warhead weight — 5 kg. The complex provides a fire on the move, the highest speed on the road (afloat) — 60 (up to 5) km / h, the crew — 3 people.

Comparing the main properties of ATGM "Kornet-EM" and SAM "Strela-10M2" must be stressed that anti-anti-aircraft exceeds the maximum range for the defeat of air targets. Others properties generally comparable. It is on this ground to conclude that the substitution of the first to the second is equivalent to? According to experts, the answer should be negative, which is associated with the main purpose of these 2-complexes. If the main task of ATRA to fight with the ground, the air defense system — air targets. And then, as they say from time to time in such cases, one has to "plow his field," why there are a number of circumstances.

First. Each of these complexes acts, in accordance with the plan for the coming battle, usually within the respective fire systems: anti-tank systems — land forces, air defense missile systems — defense. at the present time is an accepted fact of systemic administration of arms and military equipment in the centralized management of their combat use. For this is the planning of future hostilities and each facility define the main tasks in order to merit a common goal — winning the battle in the future.

Because the deviation from the overall plan and baseless independent actions on the battlefield could lead to defeat. But this does not mean that commanders can not make independent decisions and use their existing funds at their discretion. But such solutions must be due to the actual situation prevailing in the name of the set end goal.

2nd. The modern combined arms battle — this joint actions of all of the forces and means on one plan and the plan. With this in mind, each tool including anti-tank and anti-aircraft, is used to solve problems on their own primary purpose. As can be seen, ATRA has to decide, first, armored combat tasks and other ground targets, enemy, and SAM — with its air targets. Then in the general system of combat, ATRA, hitting ground targets, provides protection from the effects of land-air defense system of the enemy, and in front of SAM — covers ATRA from enemy air attacks. And here is completely appropriate phrase eminent AV Suvorov — "Every soldier must know your own maneuver."

One can cite a lot of other factors in favor of the foregoing. But this does not mean that the main principles for the implementation of these complexes have a straitjacket commanders and brakes to be independent in making their decisions. Both of these complex capable of conducting autonomous acts in the performance goals in isolation from the main force, without the mutual support and other specific criteria.

In such a situation ATGM "Kornet-EM", taking into account the prevailing situation realistically, can be applied to deal with the enemy in the air. In any case, the responsibility for one or the other decision lies with the person who took it, and the acquired results will be substantiated and matched the existing situation.

As a conclusion. ATRA "Cornet-EM "can not be regarded as one of the main means of combating the enemy in the air. Rather, the ability to not exclude its introduction, in some cases, to combat air targets.

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