Battle of journalists with psychics


To experiment, the correspondent of "private owners" took part in the casting widely hyped TV show "Battle of the Psychics", held on September 18 in Ivanovo. Pretending to be magicians, we have tried to debunk the myth of the super-psychic abilities of ordinary people.

Attempt number 1: Psevdoprovidets
Frankly, the casting was with a certain degree of skepticism, coupled with curiosity. Since it is a profession not just have to deal with a variety of magicians and healers. However, reassure me that 99% of them are vaguely seers charlatans, is rolling out an egg and all that fall under the arm, while no one could. However, like most feel the super-powers.

Game of truth
It is safe to say that "The Battle of psychics" — is a set up, a kind of play with the guest actors and pre-written script, I can not. It's not that this statement may provoke litigation with the TV channel TNT and the company "Kefir Production" producing this television reality masterpiece. The very process of casting (to the banality of organizational unpretentious moments) suggests that the search for clairvoyants Russia really is, with no requests to "play to the camera." To take part in the casting can normal (?) Man on the street. However, the "reach out" to the TV with a request to attend the selection of the rank of an independent observer could not even the third attempt. In the light of local psychics and journalists were denied Ivanovo media who came to the screening at his official role.

On his second "I"?
Self-centered cynic with higher education, but with no fixed place of work, with 9 years of having the ability to see the future and the past of people (when something "clicks" in my head), and, according to the fictional psychics, having a "strong aura, does not bring happiness" . It could form an opinion from the representatives of "Yogurt production" after reading my resume. Some of the questions asked participants Casting frankly embarrassed. For example, "You can determine the events of the past, being in a certain place?" Or "Have you ever had to deal with a haunted house?". Tactfully costing answers "yes" — "no" — "did not try."
On the question of the use of magical attributes said "these are my hands," and the request to tell the story of his psychic achievements, told the touching drama about finding a missing puppy and a distant relative of cancer patients. In this case, prior to casting (which was a conversation face to face with the camera assistant in a comfortable hotel room) asked me not to worry too much, as the test results are not decisive for the selection of participants in the show.
"Perhaps it should just look for interesting character types?" — Beginning to creep into question. It is safely dissipated early in the main part of the casting — of the so-called psychic tests. Despite the apparent ease logically choose the correct answers seemed real enough. Of course, you can rely on intuition. But when, during the first test you are asked to identify the color of the object is sealed in an impermeable envelope inevitably begin to disappear. My attempt to play in the abstract, mindlessly saying "it's a warm color" was not successful. Were casting charming metropolitan televumen Irina Antonova, show also an experienced psychologist, tactfully asked to explain what exactly the color I see. In tossing between yellow and green, chose the latter. I was right. Second task: to determine what exactly is sealed in an envelope, do not touch it with your hands. Again disabling logic, replied: "rectangle", then interrogation ended. The second envelope was empty. The third test introduced me to the astral frank: a picture, which depicts a young girl, it was necessary to talk about her fate. Reproducing in the fevered brain has footage of past seasons of "Battle" began to parody convulsive passes his hand, with a serious tone, saying that the image is cold, and the girl (at the behest of my fantasies have grown up after the photo session) is sick, or just died. About that, I got to the point were reported. Hopefully, I will hear the correct answer in two months, when, according to rumors, and to begin the sixth season of "Battle of the Psychics." After clarification of the mobile was told that now my television career magician-psychic depends on the will of the producers. Or is it from Providence?

Attempt number 2: Sorcerers with journalistic experience
Before you enter the room where the trial took place, I inspired myself in every way I possess psychic abilities, trying to guess how many children the waitress, and what jobs will be in the casting. In short, in every way was part of the role.
When filling the questionnaire honestly remembered if I had to sort witches or shamans, whether I am in my life and other objects can you tell about a person by looking at his picture. It turned out that I masterfully read the cards, see prophetic dreams and diagnose internal organs. Recently had just "priplesti" since previous abilities has almost every second Ivanovec. Before this week I told you about my aunt, who may have been a healer and healed people. To be more convincing I told that old lady was buried after 12 hours after the burial of witches going after lunch. Another said that my mom sees prophetic dreams, and that I predicted his girlfriend escape her husband. Poor mother in the evening has not been able to move away from my story and long experienced, that I will show on television: "What a shame". By the way, before heading to the qualifying round I honestly practiced, and even attracted the preparation of his colleague, who instructed me on "what to say, if you do not know anything." Instruction in handy. When I picked up the photo of the girl and honestly stared at her face, the image moved her hands and tried to just ignore, "hear" the thought of the one in the photo, all my efforts were in vain, and I "turned on" logic. Girl's neck adorned pioneer tie — so it's not my contemporaries. Her face seemed to me as old-fashioned, and I decided to "condemn" the girl to death. I said participant died, not their own, but not violently. Casting manager asked me what worked unhappy. "Ostap suffered." I immediately "determined" that it was not a creative person and fumbled with papers. Then he broke off — and suddenly did a famous man? The girl, in addition to papers in my "command" was fond of sports (a lot of them who are engaged in or dreaming about it, so I doubt I missed much). Casting Manager Irina more torment me and did not let go with God.

Believe the various psychics is not prohibited, especially if you want it. We ourselves have long chosen a clear stance: first of all, trust your own opinion based on personal strength and knowledge, or, at worst, intuition, and not to act on someone else's whim. Apparently, also believes the majority of Ivanovo, as the local casting "Battle of psychics" much excitement among the population did not call. Crowds of onlookers was not observed, and judging by the number who came to the selection of "seers" of the region and all negative. Not met stout lady in lush robes with demonic eyes, balding old men with missing eyes in the reflection of a glass ball. And esoterically minded youth with staves, daggers, all kinds of pieces of iron-conductors were observed. Ordinary humble people in ordinary clothes style casual. However, imagine themselves almost second Nostradamus and Vanga, so from the contacts with the press (after the tests we have made no secret that we are representatives of the media) strongly deviate.
Only a modest woman named Elena, who was a little nervous from the upcoming "battle", managed to persuade the mini-interview. According to her, she used to tell fortunes by cards, but one day an inner voice told her that you can not do this anymore. So now the main source of the "alien" information for Elena — is the man himself. Several obnaglev, had intramural test her abilities — were asked to determine whether there is blood on his nephews, one of us and how many. I (DL) having a real life three cutest heart nieces, said: "I see the loneliness, nephews and nieces so you do not have." In this case, Elena believes that not all psychics — losers in private life, as she has a loving husband and a lovely daughter. Glory to God!

What should the party be able to do the TV show "Battle of the Psychics"?

Have experience of psychic practice
Determine the color of an object lying in an impermeable envelope
To find out what is in the flat sealed envelope
Talk about the fate of a man on a photo
Making jerky passes hands and portray detachment from the mortal world

Eugene Talalaeva
Denis Lansky

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