Battle of psychics


TV is becoming more paranormal features. On mysticism literally mad: on TNT finished casting the new members' ", and the" Russian "and STS with a difference of three days will start new shows -" Phenomenon "(August 22) and" Medium "(25 August).

Uri found the button

In the "Phenomenon", which will be the leading macho skinhead Denis Semenihin, their extraordinary abilities will boast 10 people. But the protagonists of the program will not they, and the author of the project — the magician Uri Geller. It is known that the force of will was able to stop Big Ben. In the arsenal of parapsychology and other tricks: he can look bent steel spoons, repairing electrical appliances and wean people to smoke.
A year ago, "Phenomenon" was successfully held in Israel. Shaw bought the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, USA. And our "second button".
— I'm just going to sit back and watch, — the magician at the launch of the Russian version of "Phenomenon". — I would be glad if any of the participants will be able to surprise me. The winner of the show will be invited to the international final of the "phenomenon", which will reveal the most powerful magician on earth.

Mehdi help to "Medium"

Host of "Medium" could easily claim a victory in the "Phenomenon". Magician Michael Tsitlashvili once already tried his hand at another popular project — "Minute of Fame", where the semi-finals. But this time the role of the party did not stop the show illusionist, and swung right on to become his face.
In fact, the mage was already relevant experience. On one of the channels he wrote a program for a year, the crossover on the subject with a "medium". However, in the air, it did not come out. Now, thanks to the STS competitors: for what gave them the finished master.
— Mystery always interested person, the viewer's curiosity we fully and try to meet — said "interlocutor" Tsitlashvili. — We will investigate supernatural phenomena. Maybe a flying saucer, shot on video, not real? We will check. The same poltergeist. For example, I believe in all that. Was present when the moving objects in the room was empty, except for me, was not. Being a completely normal person, even if I was scared.

Leading "Medium" — just one of the incarnations of Michael in this program. He will not fail to show it, and his supernatural abilities.
— In life, many times I have encountered the paranormal — he admits. — Come to me and the ghosts, I have repeatedly made sure that I have the gift of foretelling the future. Of course, I'll be in the studio to conjure, and complicated, with moving subjects — I note, without the use of computer graphics.
Helping with the evidence base Tsitlashvili will be the winner "" — Iranian Mehdi clairvoyant. It will explore the mysterious phenomena in the field, and will complement the picture of the semi-fantastic stories of stars. So, Viktor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova quite seriously be argued that visited a temporary failure, and Stas Peha tell about his difficult relationship with the number 13.

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