Bees captured Kama HPP

In Perm, the unusual natural phenomenon experienced workers Kama hydroelectric conducting the scheduled maintenance at the facility in the middle of the Kama. By distributing electric board 19th and 20th turbines was found a swarm of bees. Specialists fear of being bitten, immediately reported the curious case of the administration.

At first, the bees swarmed over the drain as their animated counterparts from the Soviet "Mowgli", said "Rayonka."

"My feeling is that the bees were about a thousand, — the expert public relations Kama hydroelectric Xenia Punin. — To get rid of insects, we had to call an outside beekeeper, who with the help smoker stoned bees and as a result became the full owner of the bee family." According to the "laws" of beekeepers, bees escaped free fall prey to the beekeeper, who their "tamed."

What attracted insects at strategic sites is not clear. Honey power equipment is clearly not plastered. But far from the station located dacha cooperatives, where residents are actively involved in beekeeping. Most likely, one of the beekeepers in something backed by technology, and the bees flew to the search for a suitable site, wrote, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

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