Belarusian vicissitudes of weather

Belarusian vicissitudes of weather.  Photo: udf.byIn the Republic of Belarus in the first days of May will determine weather cyclones. May 1 in most of the rains of the south-east of strong thunderstorms with wind gusts may be enhanced up to 14 m / s. The air temperature will follow at +2 .. +7, day +7 .. +13, In the southern regions to +17 degrees.

Is not without cyclones in Belarus and 3 and May 4. This means in most of the rains again, at night is severe, there may be thunderstorms, gusty wind. May 3 and May 4 in the night and early morning hours to the west in some places the temperature drops to freezing (-3 ° C), in the afternoon mainly +8 .. +15, in the south-east to 17 degrees.

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