Bending spoons willpower helps Geller positive thinking


In Russia came the famous Israeli psychologist and psychic Uri Geller. In Russia, he will present his show "Phenomenon", whose members show the audience his superhuman abilities.

Uri Geller is famous for a variety of tricks. He has the ability to bend metal spoons at will, erase information from a magnetic disk and even read the thoughts of the interlocutor. In addition, the paranormal abilities helped Geller in his work with the intelligence agencies and the search for oil deposits. World fame came to a psychic after he stopped the clock Big Ben in London.

Arriving in Russia, Geller joked that the Kremlin chimes in no danger, and their abilities to demonstrate he plans to show "Phenomenon," which will begin soon on the TV channel "Russia". The project is unique to the domestic television, has been in countries such as Israel, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Japan and the United States.
In Russia Geller hopes to find people endowed with supernatural powers.

"I am in many countries met people amazing abilities, but I said, wait, you have not been to Russia!" — Says the psychic.

Heller promised that while viewing the wonders of the transfer will take place not only on the set of the show, but also in apartments viewers — in homes, where they will watch the show, according to Heller, tables and chairs will float in the air.

In addition, the psychic is willing to help young people stop smoking, as well as to demonstrate his most famous trick — bend spoons look of the show's viewers.

It is because of spoons Geller learned of their paranormal abilities. However, the fact that it did not surprise him. When Uri bent his first spoon he was four years old. Then mom Geller — a relative of Sigmund Freud — said that the boy had inherited some of the great power of the great scientist.

In consequence, the number of bent spoons were thousands. Scientists have tried in vain to explain this phenomenon. Appraised, they came to the conclusion that the so change the structure of the metal may only high-frequency current or temperature is very high.

Geller himself likes to say that bend spoons — it's not important, and most importantly — positive thinking. In meetings with sick children, he often shows this trick, and it gives them hope.

"When they see the spoon bend, they go to the contact. Then I can talk to them and teach them something. And I teach them to think positively, because I believe in the power of positive thinking. I encourage them to be motivated to they help your body recover. And this, of course, goes hand in hand with their medical treatment. I want to be a motivator, "- says Uri.

Great hoaxer also shared the secret of "positive thinking": "In the universe there is a law — the law of attraction. If you send out into the universe thought, it will return to you. So my advice to all: think only positive. Never think:" Oh, I'm so loser. I would never do that, I will never succeed. '"

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