Berezovsky: the employees of the Belarusian secret services operate on Russia

Events in Minsk on December 19-20, Russian special services were special operations and staff of the Belarusian secret services operate on Russia.

In an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper "Today" said the exiled Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky.

He said what happened in Belarus, "profitable Russian and strongly profitable either Belarus or the West."

"Russia had unlimited influence in this country and in fact, drove the Belarusian authorities in the corner. Lukashenko three years very consistently moved in the direction of democratic reforms", — said the businessman.

"But on the night after the election was crossed all what he didaxis three years. And I think it's certainly successful operation of Russian special services, which, using its fifth column in Belarus, were able to turn the situation around. "

According to him, "any attempt to capture the government building was not."

"The main thing you had to do, — is to set security for presidential candidates, who came to the rally. Intelligence agencies Lukashenko had to guard them, and do not beat on the head. That would be a victory of Lukashenko, "- said the Russian oligarch.

Berezovsky has no doubt that Alexander Lukashenko "has substituted inner circle."

"I more or less even imagine who did — his own secret services, who gave him misleading information about the events that took place on the square on December 19. And these employees — by far, the staff at the same time Russian secret services. First and foremost, it is a chairman of the KGB of Belarus ", — said the businessman.

Get kamentary in the Belarusian KGB on this account BelaPAN so far failed.

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