Better abroad than in prison

The body of political representation of the Company are necessary to continue the activities of the activists who worked in the headquarters of the former presidential candidate, and now find themselves outside of Belarus, states Yuri Oleynik confidant of Vladimir Neklyaeva.

Yuri Aleynik

"We talking about, that the Belarusian authorities is illegitimate, then there must be some legitimate institutions which should be of Belarus. We, being here and having a certain status since the election campaign, ready to take some responsibility to talk with local politicians, local diplomats. This is to help people who are in different countries and do not just want to sit back and want to act. People will come to Vilnius to continue operations. Of course, we will coordinate it with those who are in Belarus, as well as their activities — the main one. Our work is to help them. "

From Belarus after the presidential elections has left more than seventy activists say Igor Kovalenko, confidant of Vladimir Neklyaeva:

Igor Kovalenko

"We are in contact with other groups in Poland, Holland, Sweden, Ukraine, as well as in Berlin, Prague, and had the same attitude to this regime, this monarch."

Activist of Byalynichy Oleg Snowstorm adds:

"So far, none of those circles in other countries of which we know does not ask for political asylum, and it's very good. Mood until such — possible longer hold on the visa. Then it is advisable to continue. But by the first signal to return to Belarus. "

Each of the refugees in the diaspora to their chosen path. What needs to happen in Belarus, so they returned to their homeland?

Oleg Snowstorm

"We should be stopped all criminal cases, and people released from prison — this will be the first signal and a lot of people will come back."

Oleinik: "It will be a signal that Belarus is safe, for it is better to be outside of the country, but to act than to be there and sit in jail."

Opinion Igor Kovalenko, "a new election must be held, but without Lukashenko."

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