Birthday cosmic scale


Satellite remote sensing, or as said before "space exploration", have long been the subject of classified Samara "Samara Space" PROGRESS ". "Resource-DK" was the first satellite in Russia, which is designed for purely civilian purposes. For two years his work access to the unique information obtained from orbit, scientists, various research institutes, rescue workers and even ordinary enterprises and firms. Monitor the status of forests, clean rivers, mineral exploration — this is just one of the features of satellite imagery.

Today satellite "Resource-DK" and helps fight against crime. In the photos one can see all the illegal buildings on the banks of reservoirs held deforestation. And if you take pictures in a special light spectrum — that of the cosmos can be discerned even landing narcotic plants. "Resource-DK" will work in orbit for another year. Now the Samara Space Center rocket start work on a new generation of satellite remote sensing, and also the first time the unit will be set up to produce highly accurate maps.

Until now, all the information from the satellite "Resource-DK" picked up and decoded only in Moscow. But this summer, the unit will operate for the economy of the Samara region. Equipment for the opening of a special center already installed. The first planned to create a highly accurate digital maps of the Volga Federal District. While Russia is lagging behind other space powers by the number of satellite remote sensing. For example, in India — six of them. But our "Resource-DK" surpasses them in many ways. A gap in the amount planned to overcome in the coming years.


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