British police clashed with UFOs


Near the Cardiff strange aircraft nearly collided head-on with a British police helicopter was returning to a military base St. Athans the Ministry of Defence. To avoid an accident, the pilot was forced to make a sharp turn, and then the crew started the persecution of UFOs, reports The Telegraph.

South Wales Police spokesman said that the fact that the air unit has recorded an unusual aircraft. This has already been reported to the authorities. Members of the police helicopter crew are convinced that they had seen a UFO.

Three members of the crew described the UFO as' flying saucer. " According to them, the aircraft was moving at high speed directly on the helicopter, so the crew had to swerve sharply. Rushing in pursuit of a UFO, the helicopter crossed the Bristol Channel, before reaching North Devon. However, after they lost sight of the object and back to make up for fuel.

It is worth noting that the next "rendezvous" with the British UFO took place a month after the British government allowed access to classified material about the contacts with the aliens.

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