Bulgaria has found the tomb vampires

June 6, 2012 18:36

Near the Bulgarian town of Sozopol, archaeologists found the remains of two men with sticks in the chest. Such rituals were performed in the Middle Ages to kill vampirov.Issledovateli believe that the age of the skeletons of about 800 years.

"These two skeletons with a stake in the breast are an illustration of a practice that was common in some Bulgarian villages up to the first decades of the twentieth century" — the director of the Bulgarian National Historical Museum Bozidar Dimitrova.Soglasno beliefs, people who are considered to be bad for life, could become a vampire after death, so they pierced iron rod before burial. "It is curious that none of them is a single woman. They were not afraid of witches, "- he stressed.

Dimitrov said that for many years the country has been found stabbed to death more than a hundred bodies. "I do not know why the normal opening has become so popular. Perhaps because of the mystery word vampire, "- he added.

Recall that in September 2011 in Ireland during the excavations they found two skeletons that when buried in her mouth pushed the big black rocks. As the researchers report, so people were buried, that they did not rise from their graves, as anthropologists zombi.Po opinion, the origin of the myth of the vampire is directly linked to the plague in Europe in the XIV — XVIII centuries. The fact that the bodies of people who died from the plague, decay is not, as usual. When graves are uncovered in bloated body with hair still growing, people have created the overall impression is that these people are still alive.

Earlier, in 2009, archaeologists from the University of Florence could unearth the remains of 60-year-old woman who had been buried in a mass grave with a stone in his mouth. Apparently, her contemporaries also believed a vampire. Burial, located on a small island Lazzaretto Nuovo in Venice, the XVI century., When Venice was raging plague.

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