Bullets Kacheeva — future rounds

According to the generally recognized VIEW manual firearm has long been deadlocked, and he has nowhere to grow. Indeed, all possible variants of the automation schemes have already been enumerated by designers at the end of XIX beginning of the twentieth century, and come up with something fundamentally new is difficult, it is even more difficult to implement and massively perfectly at an affordable cost, on another gun just does not get spread as not once was. So Makarov, is the need to wait until someone makes a small-sized versions of lasers, blasters, guns Gause and the rest of the instruments of mind-blowing books, but rather small energy sources for this gun. But in fact there is still much to develop. Because, above all spoken for Cinématographe leave.

Bullets Kacheeva - future roundsSpeaking about the development tools, for some reason always forgets about the ammunition, and after Chuck has always been the basis for at least some guns and determined its main characteristics. Naturally, the most rasprekrasny cartridge fails to show excellent results when using the barrel made of a water pipe, and flawless tool show far not the best results if you charge it low ammo properties. It turns out that modern firearm if you do not already have gained their own ceiling, then tightly approached him, but the bullets do not improve for some reason — although the tool developed under the cartridge.

Obviously, the cartridges are developed too, but for some reason most of the producers rests on the traditional design. In the benchmark just want to, to make the cartridge, which can be used in existing and now vserasprostranennyh swatches, with a small adaptation of these same samples. Yet, I believe that the creation of new and better weapons can significantly advance the efficiency of a manual of firearms forward and any costs for all that justified.

Bullets Kacheeva - future roundsNaturally, the work on the development of new ammunition are conducted, but because it all depends on the question of money, these works faster in store for the future, and not for mass production — are not ready to lay out more money for the highest properties of ammunition.

Because cartridge can be divided into four components (cap, sleeve, and the powder charge bullet), Then specifically on them, and the designers are working. The most natural option to improve features of the cartridge is to work with the powder charge, because it specifically asked by gases from the combustion velocity, and the higher the speed, the higher the energy of the projectile projectile. Different versions of the powder have already had the greatest impact, so even in the first half of the twentieth century began to be conducted by the substitution of gunpowder. Why not just shoved in the pocket and did not get burn … There were even such exotic options where instead of gunpowder used two gas that ignited when connecting, but as litsezreem, special result to no avail, and we all use the same powder. With all the versatile primer cartridge. On the one hand it is a simple device, the main task is to ignite the powder, so as to both the properties of the weapon he did not have an impact. But that's only if you look superficially. One can cite the following examples as a primer can affect the properties of the munition. If rovnenky the surface of the powder to make two paths, one to set fire on the one hand and the other in the middle, then say which of them will burn faster. Accordingly, the faster will burn this whole thing is, the faster the powder gases are created by injecting pressure in the barrel, which directly depends on all the same velocity. It is true in the chuck, this advantage is not as significant and, as you can see, removing it from the powder charge and striking the primer. So indeed a significant result will be only those cartridges wherein the propellant charge is quite large, in other words having a chuck sleeve sheer volume or, in this case, if the sleeve is longish and narrow. Options with a sleeve in the main are trying to do more than a cheap cartridges in production. Now, the only reasonable option may be considered the introduction of polymers options caseless cartridges do not have at their features advantages over similar ammunition to the sleeve, guns require an unusual design. With all of this they are a cheap and allow you to reduce the weight of ammunition, which is important, especially for machine guns, more gunners, only the price of a new instrument for the ammunition covers these positive aspects.

So it is only a bullet, but in the standard, of course, absolutely the whole structure needs to be modernized to improve the characteristics of the largest ammunition. In fact, over the bullet and work in the main all the great weapon of the company, changing the materials bullets, causing a coating of molybdenum, etc., but, in fact, without changing the shape of a bullet.

Bullets Kacheeva - future roundsBut it is not only great weapon of busy working on such projects were not translated by the same designers we are able to do alone new ammunition for its superior features now available. So, Vasily quality not only managed to make better properties of bullets, and thus the ammunition, but has developed a different production technology, more ordinary and accurate in comparison to the fact that Western designers offer in such projects.

The basic idea, which is used in the new ammunition, lies in reducing the frictional force of the bullet on the barrel, also of the air by her flight. The idea is not new, goes back in the fifties of the last century, it was then started the first investigation on the matter, which last until this time, and quite productive. Known KTW bullet coated with Teflon. Yet, virtually all depends on the technology of production of Teflon coating, which is complex and expensive, so such ammunition Though executed serially, but they are quite expensive. Specifically associated with the acceleration of the bullet vserasprostranennye all those stories in the last century, the bullet coated with Teflon can penetrate at least some body armor. In fact the armor-piercing bullet performance is really growing, due to the growth of its speed, so that part of the truth in it, but that's just so at least some body armor, no matter what kind of bullet it is natural to fiction.

Make out of ammunition options offered by Vasily Ivanovich, also, if possible, compare with ammunition having a bullet shape, a la Krupp (Krupp) standard 1881.

Bullets Kacheeva - future roundsFirst, make out hunting cartridges 7.62? 39mm gross production. After application to gross bullet-layer coating comprising a sublayer of duralumin alloy, and on top a layer of Teflon-4, which is also known under the trademark Teflon. Will continue to apply the designation Al + PTFE
for such coverage. Total Ejection of the most experienced hunting ammunition was received not the most impressive accuracy — it grew by only 5.7%. This, of course, is also up, but few will. Although we should not forget that the gross production of ammunition, and some companies at the end of three percent increase accuracy, larynx yelling at all of its uniqueness and genius.

But in a perfect ammunition, principled not only accuracy, and time to move around the arrival at the target. A reduction of this magnitude is fully afford coverage Al + PTFE. Polyacetal 4, on their own nature, is used here as a dry lubricant, helping bullet bore guns pass the lowest friction and consequently a higher rate. The air resistance in flight bullets also can not be discounted, because this factor seriously affects everything on the same velocity (time of flight).

Next the designer offered for mnogokalibernyh sniper rifles. own version of the bullet, which is recognized by the invention.
One-piece bullet design VI Kacheeva — a combination of balls and transition volumes such form that provides a mix of the center of mass to the nose of the bullet. Apart from this, the diameter of the head is equal to the caliber of the ball (the size of the barrel in the fields). The bullet head the ball is centered strictly on the axis of the barrel — those excluded skewed bullets — "oblique stroke" by rifling a bullet (as they say hands-professionals).

Bullets Kacheeva - future roundsThe main feature of their own bullets Vasily highlights not their armor characteristics, and that they will be cheaper to manufacture than conventional bullet designs. The designer suggests applying a known technique of cross-wedge rolling in the manufacture of their own bullets. It must be emphasized that the bullets that will be made on the technology of cross-wedge rolling, have the least variation in weight — as compared with cores that are processed on automatic lathes, which is especially important for the munitions used in high-precision weapons. The development is designed in one of the institutes of the National Academy of Belarus.

Bullets Kacheeva - future roundsThe development was approved in the manufacture of iron cores of shell bullets — during the Russian authorities. The coating of aluminum and Teflon-4 Designer also offers a very unusual patented method — an iron brush pile drive that environmentally harmless — in comparison with the chemical method (galvanic).

Plus, the rate of application of these coatings increases repeatedly that reduces the cost of the bullet. Performed on this technology cover Al + PTFE — the substitution of a container or in a hunting-piercing bullet or shell to form a pool, a la Krupp (Krup) standard 1881. So Makar, we get more "frisky", a cheap and accurate bullet than those that are currently vserasprostraneny.

We assume this is the first study article. In the following, we will try to parse the results shown below most experienced shooting a hunting cartridge containing a bullet with hardened Al + PTFE coating and composite powder charge development Ph.D. MA Kislin — on the plate of the vest.

Bullets Kacheeva - future rounds
Bullets Kacheeva - future rounds

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