Camcorder will set in the pen for Pallas cats in the Moscow zoo

Camcorder will set in the pen for Pallas' cats in the Moscow zoo, the visitors were able to see them, told reporters on Tuesday, Director General of the Moscow zoo Vladimir Spitsyn.

Manul, carnivorous mammal of the cat family, since 1987 is the official symbol of the Moscow zoo, but in the zoo to see them it was impossible, aviary is under construction. In February, the zoo received the first batch of predators, and in September, Muscovites have chosen as the mascot manul zoo.

"This cat is hiding all the time. We plan to do in the pen camera to the screen they could see," — said Spitsyn.

He said that this work is scheduled for spring 2013.

According Spitsyn, Zoo collection is constantly updated with new kinds of animals — some free pass other zoos, some animals pass people, and others come to the zoo after catching.

Zoo director said that the main problem — transportation of animals from other zoos.

"We have a dream, to ask the city to buy more konevozku we could be adapted for the transport of animals," — he added.

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