Days of Christmas Carols — 22-27 December.

Our planet is periodically pole shift and climate change, which radically affect life on Earth.

Many are under the water, in the silence of the ocean depths. And the achievements of previous civilizations are forgotten, sunk into oblivion, but not into oblivion .. In such difficult times of growth or decline of the human races, we come to the aid of wise mentors, teachers humans, embodied in the bodies of the leader and the Magi, coming as Saviour (Savior), leading the nations, bringing them back to the path leading to the throne of the Most High!

One such high spirits, the Great Teachers of the White Rod, was the messenger of the gods, known as the Slavs Kolyada.
Kolyada ancient sages, the great and glorious ancestors and time of arrival dates from many, many thousands of years but our troubled era. The embodiment of Generic Great Spirit, He brought people Starry Wisdom Knowledge and the Sacred Fire, which people seem to have forgotten and lost in those days (more than 8 thousand years ago).
Carol gathered near him many priests from different lands and gave them the knowledge of the universe and the structure of the universe, has helped to understand the ways and VEDAnie rule, revived Calendar (Gift of Christmas Carols).

Today Kolyada symbolizes winter sun, around which the sky after the solstice are getting longer, ie day begins abide.
Magic SvyatoDeystva included mysteries of the sacred fire burning in the middle. Circle-the most ancient symbol of the sun, eternal life and change, transformation, perpetual motion. Circle — this is one of the most ancient symbols, which also means God. The fire burning in the center of the circle — a new Renaissance, going by the summer sun, light and heat, Ancient Fire VEDAniya. Dance — SvyatoDeystvo meaningful, every movement which leads to the accumulation of forces and the interchange with the Gods goodness and energy. Light and grace descends in these moments, combining the spirit and connecting with the cosmos threads souls merging into a single consciousness of the universe!
Remember and honor the memory of our ancestors to the Holy because the tree without roots dries up, and the people die having lost spiritual connection with their ancestral roots.
If we wish to have and hope to return the forgotten knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors in their entirety and splendor, you must always remember the legacy of the distant Fathers and Kolyada — mighty ancestors and teachers, having returned once people lost treasure. SAGE SPIRIT STAR AGAIN HELPS descendants, having passed through the dark millennia, and AGES ..

About Heavenly Master, The Ancestor of our wonderful,
You Starry Wisdom, Ecumenical Canon
Your Spirit in the winter sun, and your spirit in the Light of Truth
You're in the sky flashed a star!

In the eyes of thy wisdom of centuries, eras
We are at your side so warm and encouraging
You are forever in the hearts of children endure
From grateful children, we bow to You,
Let us to be upon your knowledge! ..

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