Cell, or what is life / Cell. The Hidden Kingdom

December 20, 2011 2:50

Let's see which of chemicals is the average person. Take 18 kg of carbon, a small canister of nitrogen, 50 liters of water, phosphorus of 50,000 matches, a small iron nail, and about 20 elements. And put on a human scale and the collected items. Chemically, two scales are equal, but biologically they are quite different. In man, these substances are organized into cells that give life. 60 000 000 000 000 tiny, incredibly complex structures represent the body. Simply put, we are the cells.

When we breathe, move, think — all these processes are carried out by cells. And the more we learn about them, the more striking. understanding that all living things, from the amoeba to man made up of cells, is the cornerstone of biology block, a comprehensive understanding of life. But few people know how we came to understand that. English biologist Adam Rutherford takes us into an almost dreamlike, the invisible world … This is the story of how humanity solve the mystery of life. This is one of the most exciting scientific history.

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