Chairman of the Bobruisk UCP refuses to go in for questioning

Chairman of the Bobruisk branch of the United Civil Party of Viktor Buzinaeva call to the head of the city police. Activist refuses to go and do not exclude the possibility that tomorrow will bring him to the police force.

Buzinaev"At first called and told me to come. I said — I will not go without a subpoena. Then he brought up the police summons. It is written, that await me as a witness, but on what business word. I told the police that I will not. They began to call the city police department. The attendant said that the head of the department ordered to deliver Buzinaeva tomorrow morning for questioning. On the agenda, I wrote that did not show myself until called reason. Do not rule out the possibility that tomorrow will come to me and bring order to the police against my will. This has already happened. "

Victor Buzinaeva twice interrogated by the KGB. They called him from Minsk. They demanded that he arrived for questioning because his phone was found near the Independence Square during protests December 19. The activist refused to go. He admits that the question in Bobruisk police want him because of number of events in the Square.



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