Chairman of the Mogilev MP's visit to the KGB told them not to touch our children

Three hours spent eighteen years in the KGB member of the BPF Valentin Lobanov. There he went on his own initiative, to find out why employees of the security services intimidate his supporters.

Visit the KGB activist believes rewarding experience for yourself. Achieve, however, the purpose of the visit he failed.

Lobachyov"At first, I waited for half an hour, until I was called to one of the offices. There I met two members — one in the form of a captain, the other in civilian clothes. They did not introduce themselves. Showed pictures from the Plaza. They had me. I was told to write an explanation of why I was among the participants of the opposition campaign. They already knew why I had come. Asked that I no longer participated in rallies, as they lead to riots, as in the Square. They warned that they themselves will cause me when I will take part in such activities, and then I would be much worse. I'm not hiding from them and introduced himself as the head of the urban cells "Young Front". Told them that they did not touch our children. "

Valentin Lobachyov decided to visit the KGB after learned from one of the participants of the solidarity which was held in Mogilev on January 16 that it has come to the University of Kuleshov two committee members. After talking with them, says Lobanov, the guy looked intimidated. His parents also visited the KGB. The name of this guy refuses to call Lobanov.

The KGB activist said that the police were coming up to the student, not the committee members.

Sam Valentine Lobanov awaiting trial for the same action of solidarity. The police charged with his participation in an unsanctioned picket. Activist faces a fine of up to thirty base units. Court for the part in the action Solidarity and the mother of many children waiting for Natalia Shkadun.


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