Chapter UFO union: the aliens destroy Earth, when they want


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The aliens are so superior in the technical development of earthlings that if they wanted to, it would long ago have wiped out humanity. Such a statement at a news conference in Moscow made the head of the UFO union Boris Shurinov, referring to the words of the respected American astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the "New Region".

Shurinov explained that UFOs are usually only watch the man to know him better. "In humans there is no purpose to enslave us. Behind us just watched. They are interested in how to develop human civilization that happens on Earth. Moreover, according to one hypothesis, the Earth is a planet that the aliens put some experiment" — said Shurinov, noting that those humanoids who arrive on Earth, are only "performers." Their owners do not put themselves at risk because of a possible UFO crash.

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"But who stands in their way to steal people for breeding a new human population? While the history of the world of ufology only one known case of a person having sex with an alien. This happened in Brazil with a local resident Antonio Villas Boas. Rights took the flying object and rubbed some liquid-like glycerol is likely to be disinfected. Thereafter, he joined a sexual encounter with a female alien origin. then released a man "- said Shurinov.

However, the head of the UFO union urged not to believe is all the information about aliens that appears on the internet, as there is a lot of "nonsense."

"We live in an era when the problem of studying UFOs are relegated to" useful idiots. "These are people who easily believe any misinformation. They begin to play along with it, not being paid by interested parties. But to really find something interesting, must try much , "- he said, citing as an example of misinformation words of the famous ufologist, Academy of Natural Sciences Vladimir Azhazha.

"Azhazha writes that at least 5 percent of the total number of Russians who went missing and not found, in our opinion, abducted by aliens. And they are concentrated on the moon for the production of heavy work. And this statement makes the famous doctor of science" — protested Shurinov , highlighting the absurdity of the story.

The head of the UFO union told that Muscovites are often seen Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in the vicinity of nightclubs, noting at the same time, which is usually influenced by such visions large dose of alcohol. "Now that organizes discos open or open-air, often held laser show, followed by a hazy sky. And the sky sometimes arise out of the smoke balls that move in one direction or another. Their people and mistaken for UFOs" — explained Shurinov.

The head of the UFO union said that often gets calls from the Muscovites, who watched the aliens. However, in 99.9% of cases, it is called a "totally crazy people."

"Someone's cat — the alien. And the other humanoids walking around the room. Funny situations happen, but it happens, and what is called intelligent people who simply made a mistake, taking in the dark for another UFO subject," — he said.

The head of the UFO union said he did not want to UFOs exist. "But if they are, it is necessary that someone was engaged by them" — said Shurinov, noting the need for a government department and better military, which will supervise all visits by alien beings on the Russian territory.

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