Chinese grasshoppers settled under Khreschatik

Chinese grasshoppers settled under Khreschatik

Residents of one of Kiev apartments is very frightened when they were in the house got out through ventilation strange insect. As it turned out, it was the Chinese hothouse grasshopper. Journalists have a newspaper conducted its own investigation and found the whole horde of these creatures in a rain collector, passing directly under … Khreschatik.

Until recently it was impossible to imagine a city apartment, in which at least occasionally ran no cockroaches. But a few years ago, these nasty insects are disappearing from kitchens and garbage disposal. And now you can see them at all except in the dormitories and the old table. Versions of where cockroaches are gone, there was a mass. Scientists said that mobile phones and microwave ovens killed insects harmful radiation, and the remaining cockroaches common existence with light toxic materials, contained in plastic boxes, and the toxic paint and glue. You should not ignore the massive human consumption sealed garbage bags that condemns poor insects, unable to reach tasty leftovers, to starvation.

However, residents of cities long enjoyed the absence of cockroaches. They were replaced by new insects, larger and more repulsive in appearance. "Mutants", "Chinese grasshoppers", "giant bandwagon jumping spiders" — as they call intruders. "Fact" decided to find out that the people of Kiev apartments are on the attack and where it comes from …

"The rainwater collector some firm illegally brought sewer. Now, garbage, feces and rotten straight run into Lybid, and then — in Dnepr "

Strange insect picture we first saw on the Internet, "Live Journal" Kiev Digger (English — "diggers", the person is deceived of an artificial underground structures) Vladislav. During one of his trips to the capital collector boy saw on the walls of a cross between a spider and a grasshopper. Curious Vladislav tried to identify the brown-beige creature with long antennae and legs, resorting to zoological atlas, and came to the conclusion that this is the Chinese greenhouse grasshoppers. Upon learning that journalists interested unseen insects appearing in apartments metropolitan residents, digger offered us a tour of the underground world. "Only obuyte rubber boots high, and bring a flashlight — Vlad admonished us before. — The rest of it to me. Hike will be unforgettable! "Oh, what's what, and in this, our guide was right.

Vladislav morning I met with the photographer Sergey Datsenko near Kiev Planetarium, and in five minutes we were at the river Lybid. Here is the entrance to the collector Prozorovsky. Two large concrete tunnel at first nothing but water in the way, does not differ from the usual underground passages. Even the inscriptions and graffiti on the walls there. Near the entrance — stern warning: "This collector killed four people. The reason — the instantaneous rise in water level during a rainstorm. "

Correspondent of the "fact" managed to photograph sitting on the walls of the collector of insects and even catch a few specimens in a jar.

— I helped to look for the body guys, when they're gone — says the inscription Vladislav Voznyuk. — It was three years ago, on Independence Day speech of Paul McCartney. Remember, then began a downpour? And Acne with Luda were underground. They were very young and inexperienced diggers. No one said that crept into the ground, and did not notice that beneath them flows not just water, and garbage and dirt. And in fact it was a beginning collector wave, when within five minutes the whole tunnel filled with water. Stream moves at a speed of 15-17 meters per second and carries with it the debris reinforcement stones … To survive in this meat grinder is impossible. The only salvation — to get out to the nearest door. But Luda Vitalik not yet. Just as in 2003, could not get out of the water gushing two other Diggers — amps and Hartman. Here's a plaque to their memory — Vladislav showed a black marble slab with a touching inscription: "They went into the darkness, though tried to light."

Near the monument to the fallen adventurers we photographer caught in the pit. Zagruzli feet into the water above the knees. Fortunately, help came our tour guide. He explained that there are a lot of still waters. As fragments of concrete slabs and iron rods with them bunches reclaimed waste, rags and food films. To go on getting more and more difficult: every ten seconds (I pinpoint — Ed.) Sail by the condom. Come across a little less plastic bottles, labels, tampons and beer cans. On the caustic, sickly smell of feces, mold and mildew better not to remember to breathe could only mouth. And then slowly, or in the throat flew gnats and mosquitoes, which swarmed the ceiling whole cloud.

— Previously, there has never been so ugly — sigh Vladislav, shining a flashlight on sucking mud underfoot. — It's normal sewer storm water, not connected to the sewage system. Once we were there with the boys walked in slippers, collected coins fell through the bars, lost crosses, earrings … And six months ago in Klovsky descent appeared illegal Box, that is out of the sewer pipe is a private company, hotel or restaurant. It was from there flows shit rot and rubbish. For some reason, the power does not control or repress the lawlessness, but it is dangerous for the entire city: contagion flowing straight into Lybid, and then without any clearances — the Dnieper.

Wait a bit — asked digger, seeing that I can not breathe. — Left to go quite a bit, we will continue to move in pure water at a normal smell. In the meantime, look better upstairs. This star gallery — one of the most beautiful places in the reservoir.

"The most interesting thing is that grasshoppers are found only in one place, directly under the building Pechersky Court on Khreschatyk"

Lighting the torch concrete ceiling, I saw in him millions of condensed droplets. Sight indeed been impressive: a sense that the right of me at arm's length extends the starry night sky. During the trip, the tour guide told us a lot of interesting information about Kiev basements, underground rivers and soil characteristics, breaking the story about allegations that "now we are passing under the building office center" Sail "," and now I have crossed the area of Bessarabia. " Half an hour's walk to the water, breaking almost two kilometers collector, we were at a crossroads. From the right tunnel ran the very littered and polluted river Clove, left clean and clear water gurgled, and the entrance to it was blocked by an underground waterfall. So we wandered along the river Khreschatyk (according to one version, it is in her Prince Vladimir baptized people of Kievan Rus). Concrete ceiling and floor were replaced by old brickwork and plastic pipe sticking out of the walls — beautiful arches and small walled with windows like loopholes. Breathe freely and easily.

— Here are our friends — digger smiled, pointing to the insect sitting on a wall, the very ones for which we embarked on a difficult journey. — They're sluggish, calm, like to jump on the head should not. That is to say from experience, is not very pleasant. Highlight: grasshoppers are found only in one place, directly under the building Pechersky Court on Khreschatyk. Why is that, I can not say.

The walls and ceiling of the corridor significantly suzivshegosya stirred concern is the sudden light and noise of insects. Large, with splayed like spider legs and long antennae, they hurriedly crawled from place to place. But, fortunately, do not jump. Therefore, photograph them, and even catch a few instances in the bank was not so very difficult. The mission was accomplished. It was time to go back.

— And if there is no other way out of here? — I asked hopefully Vladislav, shuddering at the prospect of again wading knee-deep in dirt.

— There is. But for that you have to overcome a few other obstacles — calmly told by our tour guide. — There's a low-pass, but it's much closer.

"Low-pass" were no more than a meter in height. Wade had to squat. And given that the water was still knee-deep, we, in fact, sailed squatting. Stumbled a couple of times, I took a water jacket hood, and the photographer scratched his arm.
The last part of the way we were going to the so-called egg — oval tunnel, very narrowed down: the floor between the walls was extremely narrow — the width of the … one of the foot. Vladislav warned that one needs to be careful, because it is in the "egg" is easiest to break a leg.

— Here we are, — the digger, pointing to a darkening in the ceiling manhole cover.

Lower stile, which we had to climb, was five feet from the floor. Helping each other, passing things, we got out one by one on the iron rungs up. Vladislav skillfully pyatidesyatikilogrammovuyu unscrewed and lifted the lid. Out of the hole on the head sprinkled snow. In anticipation of light and fresh air, we got out to the photographer and found out … right in the middle of Independence Square, in front of the main post office. Not paying attention to suspicious glances of passers-by took off their chemical protection, rubber boots, gloves and dirty, pursued by a slight smell of freshly dug graves, went to the subway.

Taking with him a jar with two caught grasshoppers, we went on to tenants, a young family, whose apartment recently attacked exotic insects.

— Yes, these are the — the hostess assured us Natalia Bogdanets, brought us specimens examined. — Only we have been even larger. The first time I saw this monster, it came out of the closet. Lo and behold, as it sits next to the toilet … something. I, of course, terribly frightened, and ran to a neighbor for help, and he barely caught this bug. Frankly, if I saw a cockroach, it would not raise such a fuss, although Prusakov scared too. But this horror was that I had no idea what it is! Some kind of spider, but with grasshopper legs, and jumping around the toilet. The second time I saw an insect in the kitchen. When the evil spirits came out of the vent hole, jumped on the kitchen cabinet, and from there directly to the plate, where there was a pot of soup, I fear just fainted. Well, my husband was at home. He was chasing a beetle around the house. And our child, seeing how alarmed parents, too frightened in earnest.

Natalia Bogdanets: "After us jumped on the stove this terrible bug, my husband and I closed all the vents with cheesecloth."

— Yes, this beetle dad plihlopnul and bank — colorfully described the meeting for me with a two-year beetle Yarik. — This disgusting. I wanted to step on it, but could not, it plygalo. Mom klichala, but I was not afraid.

— I ran to the cries, — explained the husband of Natalia Sergey. — I saw on the stove insect, and nailed him with a broom until it came to, covered jar and twisted.

 — We were very scared, do not know how dangerous these creatures, — says Natalya. — They began to search for information on the Internet and one of the sites you have read, that at the beginning of last year to some people in the apartment have got the same insects. Resident Shevchenko district of Kiev Igor Lakhtin said: "The other day when I was cleaning the kitchen, of hoods climbed creature unknown to me. They look like giant bugs with frog legs. Length of more than six inches. Stuck behind something like a sting. I grabbed my sneakers and started to press them — what if they bite or poisonous? Insects fled. Managed to kill one, poured boiling water. " When my husband asked for an explanation to the chairman of our cooperative, she only shrugged, saying that our sample is not very large. It turns out that many people in the apartments are got such insects.

 — Yes, I heard about these spiders repeatedly — said Tatiana, chairman of housing cooperative "Owner-8." — I know that they breed in the basements, vents are even in kindergarten. But it matters not to us but to the unscrupulous inhabitants of these areas. And yet — to debtors and delinquent because of which we can not change the time or to clean pipes and treatment vaults.

In the housing and municipal services Podolsk district of baleen uninvited guests also know, but not particularly worry about it is not considered necessary.

 — These insects we call cockroaches, although they jump — said Deputy CE "husbandman" Nina Gromov. — People often complain about them. We tried to take action. In the basement, where sanitize, insects do not start again. By the way, I heard that these cockroaches harmless, so do not be afraid of them.
To finally confirm this, suffered a jar of insects at the Institute of Zoology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

— Here you have a male and a female, you just like to collect brood — smiled entomologist Taras Pushkar. — You see, such a sharp otrostochek behind? This ovipositor that female buries the eggs in the earth, and that people with fright called sting. Me these beauties every year always brings one of Kiev, ask where they come from, whether they bite. I explain all that this greenhouse grasshoppers, a native of Central China. Is not dangerous to humans. Live these Orthoptera in caves, tunnels, the same sewers. Eat any organic matter. Of course, after the rain began to pour faeces collectors, grasshoppers began to spawn even more, because they always have something to eat. If they fall into the ventilation in apartments are the people, we can be sure that it was an accident.

"I do these beauties every year always brings one of Kiev — says entomologist Taras Pushkar. — All I explain that they are for the person is not dangerous. "

Although these insects overcome the distance is easy. They jump very high, but still perfectly cling suckers located on the legs, to any surface: wood, iron, concrete, and crawl to where they need. But even if these uninvited guests were in your kitchen, do not worry: breed like cockroaches, they can not. First, they need moisture and coolness. Secondly, they are so large and noticeable, which is much faster Prusakov fell under sneakers. Residents fear that these insects are transferred to them from collectors dirt, germs and infection, I would have not considered too serious. Grasshoppers are very clean, they always clean their feet, and because of their risk of catching a dangerous disease is minimal. The only thing I can advise, if you really dislike these insects so: put in the ventilation of poison bait or just zaveste hole with gauze. But most importantly, the people of Kiev to stop panicking that their apartments are attacking mutants from space. I'm just tired to refute this nonsense!

Two grasshoppers, so painstakingly produced in the collector Taras Pushkar keep. In the coming days he intends to deliver a series of experiments on the effects of poisons on these insects. To be honest, I felt sorry for even a male and a female accident, condemned to death by poison only for the fact that they are so scary to look at.

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