Christmas trees in the Lipetsk region was first processed into fertilizer

For the first time in the Lipetsk region discarded after the holidays spruce and pine are processed into 20,000 tons of organic fertilizer, according to Department of Forestry Agency for the CFD.

Previously, management companies had to store discarded trees in industrial landfills, so the FFA hopes that the oil refining and fertilizer sosenv partly help solve the problem of accumulation of debris.

"For the first time this year will carry on pine Lipetsk aeration station (sewage treatment plants — Ed.). They become the raw material for organic fertilizer used in agriculture, landscaping and land reclamation," — said in a statement.

To spruce and pine are fertilizer, their first pass through the crusher, and thus received crumbs mixed with sewage sludge. The resulting mass is disinfected, stored in special storage facilities, where it becomes compost.

In 2012, this method has been tested on the sawdust and twigs in enterprise-producers of planting materials "Zelenhoz" received 10,000 tons of fertilizers. However, this year, according to the report, this method will be applied on a large scale, and the resulting compost will sell. So out of 35,000 Christmas firs and pines, lipchanami purchased before the holidays, FFA plans to receive 20,000 tons of fertilizers.

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