Chupacabra — a creature from another world

March 7, 2012 17:46

The origin of the monster associated with UFOs and consider it almost a pet alien

In recent years, marked by traces of the monster in Europe, Ukraine, and even Russia, chupacabra very quickly mastered the world, and it never stopped the ocean, no river, no borders. How does it come to Earth? How manages to travel great distances and waters? Answers to these questions yet.

Vampire mocha

First Chupacabra (Spanish chupacabras, chupar — to suck and cabra — goat, literally — "goat vampire") proved to be in 1975 in the western part of the island of Puerto Rico. Here, residents of a small village Mocha with horror began to find dead animals, which had been drained of all blood. The corpses could only find a small round lesions about 6 mm in diameter.

Only after the war at the request of local authorities blew up the cave where, according to the residents, hiding the monster attacks on pets have stopped. However, 15 years after the terrible hurricane Hugo, partially destroying the secret laboratory of war, located on the island, the monster attacks resumed. This fact led to the hypothesis that the Chupacabra was the result of a secret military experiment.

Chupacabra victims become chickens and cows, sheep and goats, and even brisk cat. All the victims had been drained of blood, and the residents found the corpses of animals around the same wound. Among the villagers and farmers of Puerto Rico began to increase panic.

From a number of eyewitness managed to compile an approximate description of the creature. Chupacabra is an animal in height from 1 to 1.5 m, moved on two legs and is more reminiscent of a hellish mixture of reptiles, monkeys and bats … Most of all, it certainly looked like a small dinosaur, but between the front legs, which ended three long claws and body she had leathery membrane, resembling the wings of a bat.

Chupacabra was able to jump high and safely overcome fences and hedges, with agility monkey climbed the trees, hopping from branch to branch. There were huge monster red eyes, hairy dark gray color instead of the nose — small nostrils. From the small mouth of the mysterious creatures occasionally something comes peaked, or language, or sting, talking about big ears.

One of the most striking features of the monster was at the crest of the needles, which begins on the head and down his back. These needles had the ability to change its color from red to orange to green and blue. When they started to change color, vibrate and hum, chupacabra soared in the air … And once Chupacabra ripped from the concrete base section of the metal fence, staggering to his four men, this is indicative of her considerable physical strength.

The study of corpses of dead animals were able to establish a striking fact: despite the wounds of only 6 mm, the animals were out in addition to blood and some internal organs! Puerto Rican researchers happen even explore Chupacabra blood when one of the farmers hurt this predator. It resembled a human group A, but it was absolutely incredible for terrestrial animals of magnesium, potassium and iron.


If the original habitat was Chupacabra island of Puerto Rico, in the mid 90-ies of XX century began to receive numerous reports of the appearance of the monster in the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Honduras and other Central and South America. Everywhere in these countries found dead bloodless animals with small round the wound, it was a classic handwriting chupacabra.

Monster does not stop there, and the rapidly expanding boundaries of its range. He appeared in the United States. In summer 2008, the police managed to take a video camera out of the car is a very strange creature that was like nothing else on the dog, coyote or other animal known to science.

It seemed that the Atlantic was to be a reliable barrier to the monster, but the creature mysteriously appeared and soon in Europe. In Portugal and Spain were marked by massacres of animals unknown predator. Dead animals in the neck were two small holes, and there was no blood in the carcasses … The authorities were quick to say that to blame the wolves, but in many areas, where the attack occurred, these predators long polls destroyed.

In 2003, the first reports of the appearance of Chupacabra in Ukraine. In 2009-2010, the wave of reports Chupacabra literally swept the Ukrainian media. Monster was recorded in Lviv, Cherkasy, Kyiv, Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions. In one case, Chupacabra even showed "black humor" and showed the beginnings of intelligence — she sorted out her dead rabbits in a few pinches of color skins …

At the end of March 2005 Chupacabra showed up near Orenburg. Two family farmers on the farm Saperka immediately lost 32 turkeys. All carcasses were completely drained of blood. In autumn 2010, a mysterious blood-sucking beast that looked like a Chupacabra, were reporting from the Nizhny Novgorod region. In July 2011, the Chupacabra attacks on domestic animals have been recorded in Siberia, near Novosibirsk — State Farm "Tolmachevsky." Chupacabra got to Russia!

Mystery of Chupacabra

On the origin of Chupacabra emerged two main versions. Some associate it with UFOs and feel almost alien pet, while others suggest that this creature was created through genetic manipulation in a secret U.S. military laboratory, located in Puerto Rico.

If the chupacabra — a "masterpiece" of military geneticists, it is very difficult to explain its rapid spread around the world. Most likely, the military forces would do to address the "brain" of the secret lab, and it turns out that they are, on the contrary, can be extended to a monster on its own territory, and then make efforts to "parachute" Chupacabra to Europe and even to Siberia. To my mind, this version contains so obvious contradictions that is totally untenable.

There were observations chupacabra with the almost simultaneous appearance of UFOs, so the second version monster believe extraterrestrial beings. If at first you can assume that the "baby animals" just happened to run away to Puerto Rico with an extraterrestrial spacecraft, now similar version is manifestly erroneous. One can only assume that the aliens are deliberately spread the monster around the world, that the UFO, of course, is not difficult. But why? Meaninglessness and ruining this version.

Chupacabra victims become chickens and cows, sheep and goats, rabbits, cats and even brisk

There is a hypothesis that all UFOs (or part of them) come to us from a parallel world through the so-called portals. Perhaps when the portals opened through them to us by chance penetrate and animals from another world. Maybe this explains the fact that the description of Chupacabra from Puerto Rico are different from those made in other places. For example, in Ukraine, a monster has been described as a kind of cross between a jackal and a kangaroo.

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