Completed expedition to search for Ukrainian chupacabra. Photo

November 2, 2011 14:47

In the photo: the original picture "Chupacabra" V.Prihnenko, reconstruction — Andrew Vysotsky (Omsk)

October 30 ended 43-day expedition kriptozoologicheskaya Ukrainian search group "RomnyKosmopoisk" in the long-term project "Chupacabra — Reality or Myth?".

As part of the expedition studied the phenomenon of strange manifestations of the beast in Romny Sumy region.

In holding, lighting, helping the expedition participants: Journalists 4 TV channels, TV and Radio 1, 8, and newspapers (Ukraine, Russia). The lion's share of the project carried out: journalists teleradiokampanii Academ TV — Igor Nazarenko, Valery Kovalenko — Sumy. Actively took part in the expedition of the search: "Kharkiv — Kosmopoisk" (Sergey Petrov), "Chernihiv — Kosmopoisk" (Leonid Balenko), coordinator kriptozoologicheskogo direction — Julia Shepeleva (Moscow), the researcher kriptozoologicheskih objects — Andrew Vysotsky (Omsk) and other researchers. Completed only the longest expedition. However, a project to explore and search for the mysterious beast of Ukraine continues!

"Mysteries and secrets of the phenomenon of" Chupacabra "is not at all diminished. Materials processed, analyzed and will be covered as they are received. Only by working together, the mystery of the phenomenon of "Chupacabra" will be revealed "- said the ardent hunter Ukrainian Vladimir Litovka Chupacabra, head of" Romny — Kosmopoisk. "

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