Confrontation: Turkey VS Israel

In Stanislaw Jerzy Lec has a delightful phrase: "a physical phenomenon — the friction cool attitude." Exclusively in life from time to time after cooling can begin the most natural fire. And put it out there is very, very hard. Still, a skinny world, as we know, it is better at least some of the war, but …

One of the most "heat" troubled regions of the Earth — Middle East. Historically, that a relatively small area there are a lot of states. And they all have any claims against each other. The most famous such "friends" — Iran and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Palestine and Israel. Well, in general, Israel is usually not adore almost all Arab countries. Another thing is that to open warfare it comes time to time (of course, not including relations with Palestine).

Confrontation: Turkey VS Israel

And all the more often we hear about the possible war between Israel and Turkey. However, while the apparent signs of future clashes there. But a number of political analysts do not rule out the ability of such war.

In favor of the ability to lead a military conflict that Arab countries generally do not love Israel. But this is a controversial reason, because Turkey — A secular government, and dislike of Israel in Iran is the same and religious motifs as well. And as in Turkey, all religions are equal and are separated from the country, the search for friends or foes on religious grounds does not look quite logical. Yet, Islam in Turkey is strong, and this version is not immediately dismiss.

Confrontation: Turkey VS Israel

At the same time, a number of statements from Turkish politicians can talk about the hostility of ethnic persuasion. So, for example, Turkey refuses to establish a long time in your own country's Euro-Atlantic missile defense system. The refusal is motivated by the fact that this system can be used against her friendly Arab states. At the same time, Ankara does not want information on their radar fell into Israel or other third countries. This, of course, is not indisputable evidence, but this fact is to pay attention and take it to meditation.

Another interesting fact about the Turkish defense industry: in the coming years, the Turkish navy escort ships will receive several of his buildings.

It is noted that they will be able to "work" not only at surface or underwater targets, and on the shore, a small depth. Why, they ask, Turkey such ships? There are two options: either country simply updates the fleet and tries to raise his shipbuilding, or she really is preparing to wage war. You can make another assumption: the new patrol will be accompanied by commercial and research vessels in disputed waters claimed by Cyprus. But this, in-1's, a very valuable solution to the problem, and in-2, 2-3 to escort ships pretty, but not the 10-ka.

Apart from other areas of Turkey is arming, including, and unmanned aerial vehicles. United States, for example, agree to supply the Turks their drones Predator, and in Turkey immediately with this are developing their own similar systems. Curiously, in 2005, Turkey reached an agreement with Israel on the purchase of his multi-UAVs. The volume of the contract is estimated at 180 million dollars. But later, after the scandal with the "Freedom Flotilla", Turkey broke the contract and focused on its bespilotnike. Can not be read with confidence, but do not rule out the possibility that the incident of the "Flotilla" was only a formal occasion, but real premises nobody voiced.

And what about Israel? Israel is also not smuschyaetsya arm and develop defense technologies. But their motivation is more or less clear: the Gaza Strip, Palestinian terrorists, etc. And in Israel for some reason you believe, because he "specializes" in small arms, high-precision systems and other means of destruction to clear and massive strikes in the criteria of the cities.

At the same time, south american Congress has recently published a study on the supply of weapons. And, according to him, Israel from 2003 to 2010, became the third largest exporter of weapons. And it's not only all the usual "Uzi."

In addition to its own small guns and tanks Israel has its own production — a family of "Merkava". Also in the arsenal of the country has ballistic missiles "Jericho" and a missile defense system "Iron Dome." As we see, Israel, unlike Turkey, has its own production of a variety of modern weapons. That is, Turkey in the event of hostilities will be more dependent on imports from third countries.
In a high-quality nuance army of Israel and Turkey are approximately equal. But we should not forget the number.

Confrontation: Turkey VS Israel

The number of ground troops in Turkey and shrinking, according to the adopted plan, by 2014, it will be 290-300 thousand people. Armoured Force Turkey now have more than 3,000 tanks. This German "Leopard" and South American M60, various modifications. Also which year Turkey together with South Korea is developing tank Altay, but in tests it will be released no earlier than 2015.

Confrontation: Turkey VS Israel

Motorized infantry has in its own possession of about 4,500 units of different BMP and BTR. It is a technique of South American (M113), Russian (BTR-80), Turkish (FNSS Pars) and other productions.

Turkish artillery has in its composition as towed and self-propelled guns, the main South American production. The total number of artillery — more than 6100 units.

Air Force combat unit Turkey uses the aircraft only zabugornogo production. This fighter Canadair NF-5 (Canadian licensed version of South American F-5), fighter aircraft F-4E and RF-4E scouts made in the USA. Their number — 41, 128 and 38 units respectively. Also, in recent years, Turkey has been manufactured under license 168 fighters Tucas F-16C and 40 F-16D.

Confrontation: Turkey VS Israel

Transport and the Turkish Air Force training fleet consists of several 10-s of aircraft of different types.

Navy 14 Turkish armed submarines type 209/1200, 209/1400 and 209/1400mod German construction. Surface fleet has 19
frigates of the South American production and 7 corvettes, one of which ("Heybeliada") designed and built in Turkey.

Confrontation: Turkey VS Israel

Full strength of the Israeli armed forces — about 175 thousand people, plus 450 million reserve.

As part of the Army of Israel is approx. 3600 tanks (Israeli "Merkava" South American M-60, Russian T-62, etc.), as more than 10 thousand armored personnel carriers, armored infantry and other light armored vehicles.

Confrontation: Turkey VS Israel

Also at the disposal of the Army has 212 multiple rocket launchers, 450 guns of various calibres and more than 1,200 anti-tank systems.
Israeli Air Force base are South American fighter F-15 and F-16 at more than 350 boards. Also, there are more than hundreds of attack helicopters. For transport purposes is used in the Air Force, 230 aircraft and helicopters.

Confrontation: Turkey VS Israel

In the Israeli Navy are armed with four German submarines of the "Dolphin", three corvettes of the "Sa'ar 5", 10 missile boats of its own production types "Saar 4" and "Saar 4.5", and three 10-ka patrol boats of its construction.

Confrontation: Turkey VS Israel

It is seen that a fleet Turkey operezhdaet Israel. But loses him in the air and armored forces. Also, do not forget that the missile "Jericho" can carry a nuclear warhead, and worthy of missile defense systems in Turkey is not.

South American political scientist George Friedman says disputes over possible war followed this: despite all the differences, Turkey is not strong enough to fight a war with Israel. More of states into NATO and seeking the European Union, Turkey has become a guarantor of security in the region. It should not yield to provocations and even more so to escalate the situation itself.

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