Credit score. How to give?

On January 25 in Minsk started the mission of the International Monetary Fund. And the authorities, and representing the fund say — this visit is not related to new loans for Belarus.

Permanent Representative of the International Monetary Fund in the Republic of Belarus Natalia Kolyadina said today, "Freedom", in the framework of the mission of the new loan issues will not be discussed:

Natalia Kolyadina

"As for the main purpose of their visit of the mission, it is an extension of the review articles in the agreement with the International Monetary Fund. What this means is if you translate these words into plain language? This consultation, which are held every year with the all countries, members of the IMF. Such a mission has come to Minsk in November 2010.

But we decided that we need another such mission. Why? To assess the impact of new agreements with Russia at prices of oil and gas. As well as a long-term impact on the Belarusian economy in connection with the creation of a single economic space. This is the main goal of the mission. This will be reflected in the adjusted macroeconomic forecast for the year 2011 and 2015. The new macroeconomic forecast will be used to carry out consultations with the Belarusian authorities on macroeconomic policy. "

Economist Michael Zaleski says: a return visit to the IMF experts in Belarus is not limited to the stated objectives:

Michael Zaleski

"They saw that Lukashenko before Christmas flew to Moscow and put your head in the yoke of Moscow, as the saying goes, for the full program. And now they see that in Moscow of his rope viyuts. And do not give the oil for almost a month. Therefore, they think, and how at the same time it will pay to us? Here we see. "

Here is another expert in the field of economics — Sergei Chaly confident that in the list of returning the money borrowed by the Belarusian authorities the International Monetary Fund will be on the highest priority position as to IMF loans are usually treated only when there are no other sources of funding:

Sergei Chaly

"That is a lender of last resort in the most. And if you are unable to pay on the loan, then you have to forget about their reputation of the borrower in any other market of all, which only exist. Because IMF loans — all of which scored only Belarus : Russian, Venezuelan, Chinese and others, including Eurobonds — as the saying goes blood from his nose, but you need to give. "

In the past two years Belarus has received a loan from the IMF under the program stand-by at the rate of about three and a half billion dollars. But last week, Alexander Lukashenko said that "no external borrowings wacky at high interest rates should not be. Necessary to settle with these."

Overall, the Belarusian leadership gained credit by almost 25 billion.

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