Crows learned to communicate by gestures

December 2, 2011 11:56

Manner specified for hand or hold it in your hand so far found only in humans and some higher primates, and then — in a rare case. Ornithologists Simone Pika from the Institute of Ornithology them. Max Planck and Thomas Bunyar of the University of Vienna made the list yet and ravens (Corvus corax), clearly showing that they are so-called deictic gestures in order to attract the attention of a potential partner or strengthen already existing between them.

Deictic gestures are characteristic of children aged 9-12 months, they actively use them until they learn to speak their first words. Two major flicks — "pointing" ("Look at this") and "to pick up" ("Take it"). It is believed that deictic gestures are a starting point from which a child learns to talk, and that they indicate a relatively high intellectual abilities.

To classify wild crows the elite club of gesticulating, Pick and Bunyar two years watched their community in the Austrian Cumberland Vildparke. The index finger is used for these birds beak, they show them the partner of the opposite sex on the moss, stone, or branch, and thus attract his attention, and to indicate the subject, and to themselves.

Ravens without reason called the wise birds — they really are far superior in intellect all the other birds, and even, according to the tests, the chimpanzee. They are monogamous and live in pairs, which is characterized by a long period of establishing connections, very complicated system of "family" relations and a high level of cooperation. It now appears that they are loved and in addition to chat. Beaks.

"The study of body language in animals has long focused exclusively on primates — says Simone Pika. — However, to solve the mystery of human language can only be expanded range of research and incorporating the system of communication in other animals.

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