Curious done to Mars next hole



Mars rover Curiosity continues to explore the Red Planet. At this time the drill is used for the smallest particles of rock, called "Cumberland". Within days, the data will be analyzed, according to NBC News.

Mars Curiosity drill tested for the second time. For the first time this has happened in February of this year. Doing a small hole in the planet's surface width of 1.6 cm and a depth of 6.4 cm, the robot took a sample of the soil. The breed was named "John Kane."

New models like the "John Kane" and mined in the basin, which is called the Yellowknife Bay ("Bay of yellow knife").

Recall, Curiosity landed on Mars in August 2012. Implementation of NASA Mars program cost of $ 2.5 billion. On board the rover has two science labs and a few tools, including a high-resolution stereo camera.

It is the largest (about the size of a car) and the most advanced rover ever. Curiosity explores Gale crater in the equatorial zone of the planet. One of its tasks is to search for signs of water and life. Earlier, the robot has already found a bed of an ancient stream.

In February, at the rover's problems started with on-board computers. Because of this, the robot moved to a safe state with minimal energy consumption. Engineers were able to fix this problem by the end of March.

Dmitry Nekhoroshikh

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