Curse Glouchar. Why die cast series?

May 7, 2012 8:22

Recently in Moscow almost killed Andrew Vorozheikin — actor series "Capercaillie". It was the fourth accident, associated with the actor's hit film crew. Spectators are talking seriously about the curse "Glouchar." "Around the TV" recalls as rock movies.
It all started at the end of last year. Then, in his apartment in central Moscow, was found dead actor Vyacheslav Titov, who played in the series by a drug dealer nicknamed Shilo. Body with signs of violent death only a day later discovered his mother. Actor strangled, wearing on his head a plastic bag.

A month later, in the suburban Mytischi on the street was found dead of another actor "Glouchar" — Anatoly Otradnova. Forensic experts found that the death was caused by alcohol poisoning and medication clozapine, which is a powerful antipsychotic. This is a fairly common way of a robbery: criminals mix medications with alcohol, the victim lost consciousness. The actor was left a pregnant wife.

The death of the two actors' Glouchar "considered a coincidence, but when at the end of March this year, died under mysterious circumstances a third party popular project, talk about mysticism and curse at the picture. 41-year-old Sergei Sharoshkin stayed in the family home in the Ryazan region. March 15 there exploded light noise grenade "Dawn." The blast blew out windows, Sergei's mother was not harmed, and the actor died. Experts argue that a grenade explosion could cause a temporary loss of vision or hearing, not the death of a person. The investigation into this case continues.
Fourth victim of the curse was Andrew Vorozheikin. He was attacked by unknown persons with brain injury and damage to the chest actor was rushed to intensive care. Fortunately, he was still alive and told him what was in his car when the cabin broke some men and tried to strangle him with a noose, and then began to strike a blow. Andrew is now life is not in danger.
"Capercaillie" mysteriously justifies its name. Indeed, in terms of investigators "Capercaillie" — is an unsolved case. While the circumstances of any of the tragedies with actors pictures, not disclosed. And can only be thankful for the fact that the main actor Maxim Averin series has left the project, and this stopped the endless shots and perhaps endless real crimes.

"The Master and Margarita" (directed by Yuri Kara)

This is an example, which became classics say, anyone who dared to film at least once, or to stage a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita", waiting for the price paid. Like, Bulgakov few people admit to their general ledger and decides who is worthy to portray her characters, and who is not. In 1994, it was once again made into a movie. For this difficult task took Yuri Kara. From the start of filming began hell: the production is constantly interfered with financial problems, natural circumstances, but the work still managed to finish. However, the film rolled up in 2011 and has not left. They said that between the director and the producer of a conflict, then an heir of the writer Shilovsky (son of Elena Sergeyevna, Bulgakov's third wife) forbade release of the film.
— Shilovsky — a man whose father was shot Bulgakov. Why should we have to think about what rights to the book belong to him? — Said Yuri Kara.
Even went to a legend that film, disappears for a while. The fact that the director sued by Tampa, which sponsored the production of the film, but then refused to release it to the screen, referring to the necessary improvements. In 1999, the Moscow City Court found TAMP owner of all rights to the picture. President of the company even said that will be done reassembling picture with another director. Deposited films have entrusted the security chief in Tampa, which is securely tucked it suddenly died.
On top of picture production fell to disadvantaged 90. Producers, in order to avoid unnecessary talk, very well formulated for 17-year delay in release of the film, "did not have the rolling conditions — for example, normally equipped cinemas."
Yuri Kara noted that Bulgakov could not publish "The Master and Margarita", the Master could not manage to publish a "Pontius Pilate", and he, Yuri Kara, it was impossible to release the film in theaters.
With the actors who played in the movie, also a misfortune. Valentin is Gaft, playing the role of Woland, in 2002, hung her daughter from her first marriage. At Alexander Filippenko (cows) developed stenosis — narrowing of the blood vessels and the heart. Viktor Pavlov (cat Behemoth), died of a heart attack, did not live to see the premiere. Anastasia Vertinsky (Margarita) after this role is no longer acting in movies.
Director Vladimir Bortko picturized Bulgakov in 2005, also witnessed the strange events. As if he was on the Patriarch's Ponds, and a stranger suddenly dropped after him: "Nothing will happen." True, Bortko not believe in mysticism and the attention that phrase did not pay. But Alexander Kalyagin decided not to tempt fate. Bortko offered him the role of Berlioz, but the actor was two heart attacks, and he refused to play Mikhail Alexandrovich.
But overseas filmmakers of the curse is not even heard of, and may so no problems with adaptations Bulgakov never experienced. True, and that they eventually removed or put little reminiscent masterpiece Bulgakov.


There is a legend that misfortune pursue all the actors performing the role of Superman. Legend is called — "The Curse of Superman." Supposedly cursed franchise creators film after a long conflict over copyright.
First kinozhertvoy curse (fate cartoonists also shrouded in mystery) became an actor Kirk Elin. At the time of filming he was a true professional and had in his filmography almost forty paintings. For three years he managed to play in several series of Superman films. But the producers were unhappy with box office and accused in this Elina. Actor suspended from participation in the film. But Kirk was so sure of its exclusivity, which is constantly rejected other offers. It was a fatal mistake — more as no one offered him.
— Superman to break me — said Elin — I had a lot of roles to Superman, but none after. I am — living proof of the curse.
Forgotten by all, the actor has died as a result of the nursing home.
By this time, George Reeves, who replaced Elina in the film, was already dead. According to eyewitnesses were restored events of that fateful evening. June 16, 1959 George Reeves complained of a headache and went to the bedroom to rest. At the bottom were his fiancee, the journalist, who was going to write about him, and a few friends. Suddenly a shot rang out at the top. Buddy Reeves William Bliss ran up the stairs, opened the bedroom door and shouted, "My friend was killed!" Official version — suicide. Reeves allegedly was in a deep depression. But until now, there are rumors that he was murdered. The gun did not find fingerprints of the ear was found dead on the second bullet scratch (it turns out, he shot himself twice?) On the temple no traces of gunpowder … In fact there are many other inconsistencies. However that may be, the version of the murder was not proved.
Another Superman, Christopher Reeve, in 1995, at the races fell from his horse and broke his neck. Actor miraculously survived, but life remained paralyzed, unable to breathe on their own, and to say it turned out only by means of the device inserted into the trachea. Despite the injury, Reeve continued to work in film.

"Poltergeist" (Tobe Hooper)

Touba Hooper film scripted by Steven Spielberg has two extensions. But they say, the whole trilogy is cursed. And all because, according to legend, as the details in the first two films use real corpses.
In the first film in 1982, but luckily did not die young actor Oliver Robins. On a plot of toy clown attacks him and starts to choke him, but something is stuck in the robot, and he squeezed her throat actor truly — Robins barely survived.
The success of the film was mad, and soon decided to shoot a sequel. October evening actress Dominique Dunne was practicing at home, helping her actor David Packer. Young people have included the soundtrack to the film, to better feel the part. At this point came actress boyfriend John Sweeney. With Dominique they went outside, where between them ensued verbal sparring. The guy started to choke Dunn. Because of the loud music Packer not hear the girl begging for help. Actress strangled her lover to the song from "Poltergeist."
Then, a few months before the end of filming the second part of "Poltergeist," has died of stomach cancer, Julian Beck, who played in the movie demon.
When we were talking about the shooting of the third part, many talked about the curse, and advised not to tempt fate. But not all heeded the warnings.
Did a photo shoot for the film actors. One of the photographs face Zelda Rubinstein was illuminated. Later it turned out that at the moment when the shutter clicked, the actress's mother died. Then he died of kidney failure Will Simpson, who played in the second "Poltergeist" Indian shaman Taylor.
And then during the shooting out of a clear sky on fire one of the pavilions. Many members of the crew were injured. At this misfortune did not end there — the actors were dying one by one. Send to the light even twelve Heather O'Rourke: she found a congenital stomach, but the parents did not know anything about it.
Curse made itself felt in other ways. For example, in one of the actresses in the house all the paintings were hung at random each time she came back from filming.
Family house Frilingov, the main characters of the three paintings, was razed to the ground during an earthquake in Los Angeles in 1994 …

What other movies are cursed?

Superstitious film fans call "The Exorcist" (directed by William Friedkin). They say that the victims of the curse began nine. During filming, there were always the mysterious event. Christian evangelist Billy Graham claimed that the rolls of film was possessed by the devil. In 1987, after the release of the movie, the son of actress Mercedes Mc Cambridge (she voiced the demon in the film), killed his wife and young child, and then shot himself.
"The Raven" (directed by Alex Proyas) adaptation of black-and-white comic book by James O'Barry. Shooting of the film constantly harassed numerous disasters. First on Wilmington hurricane that almost destroyed the expensive film equipment, then working at the site nearly died. But the most terrible tragedy occurred eight days before the shooting: March 31, 1993 actor Brandon Lee was killed while working on one of the scenes. Lee often said that it does not leave a feeling that he will repeat the fate of his father and dies on set. It happened. He was wounded by a shot from a revolver actor Michael Massey. Members of the crew did not notice stuck in the barrel of the gun cap, and she took off with a blank shot. Because of the injuries to the stomach Brandon Lee lost a lot of blood and died 12 hours later in hospital. The film, which were shots murder destroyed.

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