Dancing Forest in Kaliningrad

December 22, 2011 6:06

The National Park "Curonian Spit" that in the Kaliningrad region, there is one very mysterious place called "The Dancing Forest". Under such an intriguing title hides a small area of pine forests, the trees which have a very unusual shape. Trunks growing in this area of the forest of pines and twisted bizarre twists spirals!

Pine forest in the national park "Curonian Spit" was planted in the 60's of last century. Most trees have a regular shape, but in a small area of pine forest grew all as one with different curvatures. All this put a lot of questions to scientists, most of which was: Why only here?

There several versions, but none of them has been officially confirmed. So some of the scientists called the cause of the natural curvature of the factors (eg, wind, temperature and soil characteristics at the site.) According to another version, the reason insects …

The people also more popular legend that explains the unusual appearance of the forest. Once upon a time hunting in these places Prussian Prince Bart. Hunting down a deer, he suddenly heard a beautiful melody. Prince came to a small clearing and saw a beautiful girl, who was playing the lyre. Young people immediately fell in love, but she did not want to get married until Bartiyne take Christianity. In order to show the power of God Prince of Prussia, she decided to make the trees dance to the sound of his lyre. It is not known what ended as a beautiful legend, but, apparently, did the trees began to dance …

Of course, this legend can not explain the abnormal curvature of the pine trees in a small area of the forest, if only because this is the forest is relatively recent.

Until a few years ago, "Dancing Forest" was not available to the public, but now it runs through the tourist route. Now look at the unique natural phenomenon and everyone can!

For a while it was possible to move freely in the forest, but in 2009 it decided to give up. The reason for restricting the movement of tourists has become a danger of destruction of unique trees. Trunks of some pines were almost perfectly polished from embracing wishing to be photographed with tourists! Now walk through the forest is permitted only on specially laid for the trails.

In the "Dance of the Forest" found pine trunks which form intricate rings and even spiral. Among the tourists walking belief that if a man can climb through it's ring, then yeah, make them wish will certainly come true. It is also believed that such rings are original boundaries with positive and negative energy. If you climb into the ring with the right hand, then extend the life of one year. I wonder what would happen if the climb from the wrong side?

Local people are bitterly divided about the "Dance of the forest." Some people refer to this phenomenon is perfectly normal, almost not paying any attention to him, but others (such as mushroom pickers) prefer to stay away from this part of the forest …

Either way, the mystery of the "Dancing Forest" has not yet been disclosed, surprising and mysterious forests annually attracts thousands of tourists Curonian Spit!

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