Day of God elevated

GOD elevated — the patron god of the universe in the Navi Light Worlds, ie in the worlds of fame. Caring and mighty Father God Svarog. Fair judge to resolve any disputes that arise between the Gods of various world between people.

He patronized Mnogomudrym our ancestors in their quest to progress on the Path of Spiritual Development and Perfection, and protects all Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings when they walk in the footsteps of his great ancestor, Vyshen God is God the patron of the Hall of Finist Svarog Circle.

Vyshen strict with those who seek to distort the path of spiritual development and perfection, to those who issue falsehood for truth, mean for the divine and black as white. But he is kind to those who keep the celestial law of the universe and does not allow other break. It helps to overcome persistent in fighting the dark forces that are in all the worlds evil and ignorance, flattery and deception, desire and humiliation of another one living being by another.

Vyshen God gives people moving along the path of spiritual development and perfection, the ability to reflect on various aspects of life, like the Earth, and the next, and draw the right conclusions, feel when people talk insincerely or intentionally pursuing kakieto vested interests lie.

Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours!

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