Death Valley


Irina Solomon


In the upper reaches of the river Viluy located some secret place to which people go to strange and terrible rumors. Some argue that there is hidden the entrance to the dungeon of hell, inhabited by unknown creatures, others speak of the many fragments of flying saucers hidden in permafrost. In the area saying the name — "Elyuyu Cherkecheh", which translated from the Yakut means "Valley of Death".

For many years, local hunters hundred miles pass by this remote area. The legends say that there is protruding from the ground flattened arch, under which there is a plurality of metal rooms, where even in the most extreme cold heat in the summer. Used to be a hunting daredevils who spent the night in these areas. But then they started to hurt badly, and those that stayed overnight a few times in a row, does promptly died.

At first glance, these stories, there is nothing extraordinary. Something similar occurs in the Altai Mountains, and in the Kalmyk Black Lands. There, too, there is the clearing where the piled mysterious metal constructions, the twisted, overgrown with moss, if not entirely new. Sometimes you hear thunder in the sky, flashing a dazzling white crosses, and on earth there is another "metal monster". In the neighboring villages the houses are unusual stove made by local craftsmen of the details clearly extraterrestrial origin. There is also retold the story of the shepherds and hunters, who found a strange piece of iron, for example, a small silver cylinder hot and did not cool down for months, then these people died.

Located in the upper reaches of the river valley Viluy
But all of these puzzles have a simple explanation. On Stranger metal wreckage legible stamps Russian and Ukrainian mills. We are talking about places falling spent rocket stages. And as the spacecraft from year to year are displayed along certain routes, formed on the surface of the Earth "zones", where literally piled twisted aluminum cans launch vehicles and other debris "space metal." It is said that in the Altai Mountains there is a whole village, where the stove adapted nozzle spent rocket stages. They also say that a Kazakh shepherd was very happy by finding the remainder of the emergency starting RTG (radioisotope thermoelectric generator), because stuff never cooled off, and near it was very convenient to bask in the cold, dark night. When sent from the Baikonur soldiers found a lost RTGs in the tent, under a layer of blankets, save the "lucky one" has failed.

All this is similar to the legend of Vilyuiskaya the "Valley of Death". Especially as it is officially Yakutia is one of the areas where debris should fall carrier launched in Kazakhstan.

But the fact that the legend of the "Valley of Death" was born a long time ago, when mankind had not even thought about leaving a space. On the "Valley of Death," he wrote in the last century, the famous explorer Viljui R. Maack, noting: "On the banks of the river Algy timirnit, which means" big pot drowned, "really is a giant pot of copper. Its magnitude is unknown because the ground is only visible to the edge, but it is growing more trees. "

Strange "kettles" hiding in the land of the Yakut
Modern researchers from Mirny Gutenev A. and B. Michael talked about the old nomads, who, having been in the "Valley of Death", he told them about some of the metal hole, in which lie frozen through and through "helluva thin, black eyed people in clothes iron . "

What is this strange "boilers" are hiding in the Yakut ground? Fragments of flying saucers, which fell back after the battle space, as some ufologists? Or is it some traces of an ancient civilization?

Here is a letter from another man who visited "Valley of Death." Michael P. Koretsky from Vladivostok writes: "I have been there three times. The first time in 1933, when I was still 10 years old — and his father went to work. Then, in 1939 — already without a father. And the last time — in 1949 a group of young guys. "Valley of Death" stretches along the right tributary of the river Viluy. In fact — it is a whole chain of valleys along the floodplain. All three times I was there with a guide Yakut. We went there not a good life, but because there, in the middle of nowhere, you can wash gold, expecting at the end of the season the robbery and the bullets in the head. As for the mysterious objects, their there's probably a lot, because over the three seasons I saw seven of these "boiler". All of them seem to me quite mysterious: first, the size — from six to nine feet in diameter. Secondly, made of unknown metal. The fact that the "boiler" does not take even a sharpened chisel. Metal does not break off and not forged. Even on a steel hammer certainly would have left noticeable dents. And on top of this metal is coated with a layer of unknown material resembling sandpaper. But this is not the oxide film and scale — it is also not chop off or incised. Receding into the ground water wells, facilities, referred to in the local legends, we have not seen. But I noticed that the vegetation around the "boilers" abnormal, is quite different from that which grows around. It is more lush: large-leaved burdock, very long vines, strange grass — taller than a man and a half — two times. In one of the "boilers" We spent the night as a group (6 persons). Nothing bad is felt, went peacefully without any untoward incident. No one after seriously ill. Is that one of my friends in three months completely lost all his hair. And on my left side of the head (I slept on it), there are three little sore the size of a match head each. I treated them all my life, but until now they have not passed. All our attempts to break off at least a piece of strange "boilers" have failed.

At the top of a high dome is "large hole"
The only thing that I could carry — a stone. But it is not simple: half a perfect sphere six inches in diameter. He was black, had no visible signs of treatment, but was very smooth as polished. I picked it up from the ground inside one of these boilers. This souvenir I brought back with him to the village Samarka Chuguevsky region of Primorsky Krai, where my parents lived in 1933. He lay idle until the grandmother decided to rebuild the house. It took a glaze the windows and glass cutter was all over the village. I tried to scratch the edge (the edge) halves of the stone ball, it turned out that he cuts with amazing beauty and ease. After that, find a lot of my time used as a diamond all the relatives and friends. In 1937, I passed the stone grandfather, and his fall was arrested and taken to Magadan where he lived without trial until 1968 and died. Now, no one knows Where did the stone … "

Letter Mikhail Petrovich undoubtedly contains new interesting facts. But also gives rise to new puzzles. On the basis of his story, for example, suggests the presence of high background radiation "boilers". Giant vegetation around them, non-healing sores on the head, lost hair — obvious symptoms of radiation exposure. But does this mean that they themselves "boilers" are made of a radioactive metal, or they are hidden artificial sources of radiation? Where did this sverhkrepkogo material made these strange objects, by whom, when and why? It is hard to imagine the practical application of the boiler diameter of nine meters.

Local legends describe various strange phenomena directly associated with metallic objects hidden in the permafrost. This mysterious fire spewing out of some steep metal pipe veiled "slam", this iron corridors leading away deep in the bowels of the earth … There, according to the same tradition, inhabited by giant Wat Tong Usumu Duuray, which translates as "criminal alien, make a hole in the ground and had taken refuge in the deep, fiery tornado destroys everything around."

What is this "criminal alien"? What kind of metal corridor with a "slam" and occasionally belching fire? If these legends were not so ancient, you might think that we are talking about an underground missile silos strategic purpose. Or indeed, this area has been chosen once alien to his secret military base? A debris soldered today in the frozen ground — it remains "plateaus", the victims of the old "Star Wars"? Koretsky himself believes, however, that this is the work of man. Boilers, though strong, but not indefinitely. In his letter, Michael P. emphasizes in 1933 Yakut guide told him that 5-10 years ago, he discovered several boilers balls that high (greater than man) out of the ground. They looked like new. And then the hunter had seen them torn apart and scattered. Koretsky also noted, having been one of the "boiler" twice, one in the past few years have seen plunged into the ground, apparently from the weight … It turns out that these items appear in the "Valley of Death" is not so long ago?

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