Deer on de-energized cables city in the U.S.

Several residents of a small city of the U.S. state of Montana have recently witnessed a remarkable event — the flying reindeer in the sky. While they speculated how this could happen to the city remained without electricity.
Only a few hours later, compare the facts, the people found out that these two conditions have a direct relationship to each other. Young deer, as it turned out, was the victim of a large predator — a bald eagle, which has long been tracking their prey in the forest, and by attacking her, managed to climb into the sky and fly with it quite a distance. But, apparently, the bird did not calculate the forces and dropped the deer. Poor animal fell right on power lines, resulting in the city was completely de-energized, and the deer was killed.
"Hanging on the electricity cables deer — this is the first time, — said the representative of the power company repair Michelle Sullivan. — We could not believe my eyes when I arrived at their breaking wires located at a height of several floors." According to the workers, all the while they repaired the damage, in the sky above them flew a huge bird of prey, probably trying to figure out what happened to her prey, the ITAR-TASS news agency.
Bald eagle — bird family Accipitridae, living in North America. Eagle is a national symbol of the United States and protected by the federal government. At length the bird sometimes exceed 80 centimeters, its wing span of about 2 meters and weigh up to 5.5 kilograms. Feet white — with strong short fingers and long, about 5 inches, claws.

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