Description Crecy

CRES — the most ancient and powerful symbol of the divine world order and control life, heaven, earth, bread and butter. The word "Cres", translated from the ancient language means "fire", and not just the fire, and fire magic, priestly, that is holy. Wearing protective sign of the divine gives man not only strength and power from above, makes one visible to the highest saviors. And if a person wears the Crecy, he is dressed in a fiery illustrious, sacred armor that covers him and rescues in our real life.
Kresy — it is truly miraculous signs. In the old days Kresy were people who lived in a dangerous environment, go with caravans and ships full of goods, people who lived in the border lands. Today we live in an environment where not everyone sees to it that he thinks he is good, and that it sends to the world. If before every Slav knew that "silence — gold", "word — not a sparrow can not catch fly", today people do not cherish the word, and not particularly cherish evil words, sending them to the wind, and in such circumstances the energy we you coexist and every reasonable person should take care of themselves. A Higher Power is therefore placed us here, at this point of the universe, at this time, in such difficult times in his life, just because we can do something good for this life, but that each of us should think about their own self-defense, including on energy.

That is why the peasants being can bring a huge, huge benefit to all of us because it helps us to perform the task of birth — to live well and happily.
Eight-pointed cross — is the connection of all eight energy paramount to humans. Those characters that are depicted in Crecy, tested not just the old days, but they are characters, the Vedas. Each of them has its own data structure, each of these characters is one of the biggest and most important action for a person in the real world. Archetypical of these images lies in our subconscious. Several thousand years ancestors understood this scheme for the construction of the world and of our life in this world. In fact, this brain parts, each of which is responsible for its program and increased tenfold in force implementation. Not completed a program activated once you start wearing Cres. Gradually these profound life programs inherent in our genetic luck, activate and bring us a significant benefit, that is, making the wearing of Crecy ourselves also "supermen." We become better, stronger, more powerful, smarter, we become more "advanced", we are more determined, more efficient, thanks to the fact that when the peasants being borne by our body and our mind begins to look at the symbols and signs, our deep consciousness activated , intellect becomes concentrated. Our thought process at this point becomes the order. Genetic program of happiness and better survival on and start working, they seem to lead and instruct us from situation to situation, they seem to advise us when, how and what to do. They give us the opportunity to premonition, understanding and insight of action. Moreover, a person wearing Cres, often "illuminated sverhmyslyami" that are truly unique to him.
Programs consciousness that activates Crecy, help us to improve the quality of their material life, the quality of their personal lives and destiny as a whole. Cres, like fire vitality, cleanses, sanctifies and sets our lives on the right things. That inner light, peace, tranquility and confidence that suddenly begin to appear in our deepest consciousness — is the power of Crécy. Inner peace, sense of purpose, the internal and external focus on a better life — that is what leads us to the peasants being the sun. The contemplation of this lifestyle — Crecy — includes coordination of internal physiological rhythms that provide physical health and mental peace. One is freed from the critical influence of the external world, one is freed from the negative concepts and increase its internal capacity and re-incarnated, rethinks and restructures its existence. Kres brings foster a spirit that connects us to the higher powers of the mind united, as if we were suddenly to get ready concepts, tips and wisdom.
Cres is both a guardian — that is the power that is all around you as the beach and all the bad breaks on this coast. This talisman, and that such a talisman? This is the driving force of the outer space, and organize your activities as you need, that is, it charges your dream-target for achievement. Cres — is a very powerful talisman and it really sends your dreams forward and thus forms the front, the future time at which we will come a little later.
Cres — this amulet. In slavyaski amulet called "svyasir." It is the force that forms and supports the internal energy of the person, the internal energy of the body, the soul, the spirit, the internal energy of thin bodies, auras. Cres — the oldest, strongest, lightest amulets, talismans and amulets in one energy-balanced model.
But it is not only charm, talisman and amulet. Cres — is super-powers, superpowers, and yet, most importantly, Cres unites us to Svarga. Svarga — is the Great Council, and the prophetic power of the Wise, the saints and the beautiful. Kres brings the power of love, a love Cres cleans your space, Cres protects the world from harmful or objectionable, Cres gives you a lesson for you to understand what love is and how to to this great force to handle. Cres give you external miroobustroystvo, Cres gives you opportunities and situations that suddenly start to happen around you for what you used to these situations for the benefit of their fate. Cres is also clean your destiny and sends the line of your fate Beregin Amulet, Sirko, sends them to different distances in the future in order to get where we go, live your time being, then after a while turn (the right time), we should be met with auxiliary power. Takes care of Crécy. Cres also gives contact channel Vedogon. Who are "Vedogon"? — The energy of your kind-tribe is your ancestors, who once gained experience and do not have squandered it. This experience is now imprinted in their minds and gives Cres contact channels with their souls, their purifying experience, because experience has left in the dark Tartar, light experience was in Svarga. These are the methods by which they have built their lives and Cres gives the constant communication with the ancestral wisdom and advice.
But that's not all. Cres all his forces associated with the basic higher powers of the universe, who follow the reincarnation of the soul and not the people depicted Krese — is super-being, it's Angels and Teachers — teachers higher wisdom. But, most importantly, helps Cres not always and not for everyone. If a person is black, and if the spirit of man izmaral soul, Cres ceases to work for him, but he will have to keep a barrier, that a man with his "starve" their immoral behavior not izmaral external world where normal people live. And, most importantly, once people wash off the soul, purify his spirit, Cres begins to work for him. Cres not accumulate evil Cres keeps a barrier between evil and good. Cres — a great, smart power.
What are the signs inscribed on the beams Cres? We will start with a description and understanding of the beam, which loop.
On this ray depicted themselves Creators, Creators of human nature, a kind and incense. This is the great prophetic powers which gave us a real space, the real world. Keep them prophetic tree, the tree leading to this real space in which we find ourselves, to the highest, to Svarga, to our great space-great-great ancestors. What is, if we are "star-flowers," which shows the crown of the tree, we join together, we notice that they repeat the image of the constellation the Big Dipper. Yes, of course it is not quite the same as now we see in the sky, it is located a bit off for those degrees, but it is said that when the peasants being created here in the real point of this being, and those who created, saw stars slightly different angle. That is. Cres — very old, probably from the time when the Earth's axis was not tilted as it is now, or the Big Dipper was observed with concomitant world body, maybe this satellite, perhaps it is a neighboring planet.

Thus, gender and LADA note — a woman and a man, a couple doing the same thing, keep the axis of the universe together, together, equally straining, keep family tree, starry dome that covers them from above, they are trying the same, they had on their heads crowns of something like . And note, the woman crown smoothed over, ie less acute, but with many petals. In men, it is more acute, more perfected, but fewer petals. What does this mean? It stands as the ancient nymphs? This suggests that a woman should be softer, her thoughts have to be smoothed over, but she has to think more often and upload your head more active than men. "Man has the right to think less" — so say the teachers who communicate with us, but he has to react sharply, quickly, quickly and at the right time!
At the same lobe have runes. On the left is not far from the woman fleece, called "Double Bera," "Double Guardian", ie twice of amulets. Fleece that's back at the symbol woman is "Yar" — a fanatical force fruitfulness. This suggests that each of the women should be sverhbereginey their welfare, sverhbereginey his family, and it has to be rampant, gracious, desirable, noble. By the man on top of the sun, because it should only be the sun in the family, but he has to be the bearer of power and light, the carrier of the active energy of the creator of the family. And from the back of the male character sown fields. He must sow bosom woman, he should remember that. And rune planted fields suggests that every man should take care of the welfare of his wife intimate and "our daily bread."
Tree, which they both retain, hold, consists of six coils rising up. Then opens the dome of stars, six steps that go from the first, and if we count all together, you get a seven step process. The two forces should bring a woman into the family, the two forces should bring a man. What are the two forces of women, what two forces men have said runes. A woman should be sverhbereginey preserving all the benefits of the family, peace and quiet, noble and prolific, ardent in love. A man should be the creator and the creator, to care about love and food — to protect those benefits. protect these benefits. This is the mainstay of the family, it is vital to our well-being ascension into heaven. six turns on the tree, which is guarded by a man and a woman. Why six? Because it is the six stages of ascent, and there are levels of our lives. Any life, men and women divided into time periods. This is a beginning of a relationship, young relationships, relationships are formed, ie gaining wisdom, mature attitude when we are reaping the fruits of a mature marriage, and old age, which is already the skies opened his cover of prosperity. Here are six steps of fate.

Next beam clockwise — a ray of Veles. Veles is a god yavivshee our lives. He made it real. At the top of the ray symbol bee. Bee wings in motion, wings-force hardworking man who has as their goal. It is a symbol of creation. Beam itself is composed of flowery patterns, which in ancient times was called "coil". It is a symbol that protects itself, develops, against itself draws energy within himself seeking the origins of wisdom and prosperity and find methods in order to make life happy. It is the eternal symbol of development and increasing wealth. In the upper part of the half-erased character mark — is also a rune, it was called "Ber-Guardian". Perpetual motion for the better, it is an eternal search for the best and the eternal pursuit of the Gods in Svarga. But we have to work like bees, as bees gold-bearing holy light of creation in your life (curious, will probably be wondering what the buzz working beehive — the resuscitation for energy, health and the human psyche. Then sound effects, sound effect sea waves and noise of the forest).

The next character, if we look at the Cres clockwise, a ray of Lely — a ray of LOVE, a ray of happiness. And that's the only line of guardians who have wings. Who is this? The messengers of the gods, they stand on a pedestal as a symbol of the fact that they should not touch our real life. They are again looking to the skies in our lives. They also protect the tree. What is this tree? If we look closely, at the bottom of this tree symbol of grain. Grain, which is opened and gave rise to something beautiful. Grain is a symbol of the soul. The soul, which is to evolve three times, while in the real world, in real human body. Three times — what is it? Three concepts should live soul: love, happiness, well-being and the accumulation of wisdom mature only when these three components people become "pagan temple"
The tree is divided into two flowers that are in the image of her as if it had not finished cross. This suggests that the great keepers of the gods, the messengers of God protect and help us. One of these crosses are not completed, the left "looks" (turned) on Kolovrat and the flower of life, which is guarded by the great, prophetic messengers from the gods to man, is "open heart". The second flower, right — this is the flower that holds the very soul. Between the two is not finished, but unifies the cross — a symbol of several bowls in which the sun-fire. Three bowls welfare, three cumulative gravity: accumulated love bright beautiful, the accumulation of material wealth and the accumulated wisdom of the cup, the knowledge of the mind. And within these bowls, which are built as chelnochki each other — Fire of God. Here in the presence of these concepts, we will always under the protection of intermediaries, messengers between gods and humans. And these are the guardians of the great messengers, guardians of our good and our evil. One of them (which is right) for our wrong actions, in our not good, not beautiful deeds soul turns into a cocoon. The other — with our good, great, decent action unfolding soul, makes it a beautiful flower, and that soul, exulting, teaches his remarkable new methods of human happiness and wealth to his life has become even better.

Next beam clockwise — a ray Yarylo. Ray, which shows the candle on top of which Kuret or Ptah, the rooster — a symbol of the dawn, the symbol of fire guard who gives us clarity of thought and banishing navov and Morokov. Bright people will always attract the forces of light. Dark man who put out the candle of their own destiny, not develop, put out the candle of his or someone else's happiness, does not attract favorable situation becomes man-bedovikom, Ptah will bite him in the crown for as long as he changed his mind and will correct any errors.
In this line of some runes. Sign on the left of the prophetic and wise favor of the gods — eight-Crécy. Bottom rune, which represents a sign guard, security forces — is inverted ax. Ax — a weapon that protects the light part of our personalities, light part of our spirit. To the right of the candles have runes each other bowls as chelnochki put on, and within these bowls, again, a symbol of light. But, in particular, a light shown like lightning, ie Remember that every thought, illuminating you, a thought had come from above. Listen to these enlightened thoughts, remember them, because they are like a ray of light for us, so that we covered his life with new concepts. At the top of the beam "Yarilskogo" — the wings, but slightly lowered, as if hovering wings, anxious not moving, but in a calm flight. This suggests that only a calm and purposeful soaring person can rise high and master the huge area of prosperity and fill their coffers grains of gold accumulation.

Next ray — a ray, which shows the real custodians of our life, of our real-time, this is the real guardians of our fate and the fate of the movement. Below, at the feet of the guardians of the character of the moving time. This is a symbol of the year, and the year is the main position. They are marked with a more active lines: the fate of this development, the development of a reasonable experience, creativity and saving love of harmony, stability benefits. Here are the basic concepts need to be in our lives. These keepers guarded symbol of another tree, but for some reason, this tree is not the post, there is the moon (three moons), it is said that a person has the right to live and actively accumulate benefits, and then have an "empty time" for the rest , to recuperate, to free choice of new horizons. And, mind you, in these periods of emptiness, there is no support, no axis. This suggests that the person to choose, free to go anywhere, but only upwards, that is to descend, and talking about it horns moons. At the top of the beam, again, we see the alleged flowers, as if it had not finished a cross on the left and complete the cross on the right, which are connected, and in the middle of the compound — dove, the bird is quiet, durable, tending to a memorable goal, knowing the secret path. Today, we regard the dove as a messenger of God, before, in the old days, it was an ominous bird of light, and the name of this bird was not a dove, and a phoenix, ruh, a stratum, Alkonost, Sirin, Gamayunov, alengdor, expressions, etc. , birds, who can samovozrozhdatsya.
Right on this ray has two runes which, again, reminds us of life. Lower fleece, which is similar to the letter "F" — fleeces are alive, that is real life, real life, renewal and resurrection. And on top — a star, a cross — reminds us that well remember the time in which you really are and to build any event with maximum profit happiness. ALIVE — LADA — the goddess of harmony, that is consent, when in our lives there is no opposition, especially with loved ones (because of this, we draw strength to wealth). I already told in detail about it.

The next ray is the ray of Perun, and in this we see a ray royal scepter. Wand control, which is not just the imperial scepter of force, but it is supplemented by elements of wisdom, experience. At the top of the handle up, stick our heads like a lamb (sheep's head with horns). It is a symbol of gentleness, humility before fate, obstinacy lamb, mutton stupidity, if you stubborn, standing on his own, if you think you are right in their own backyard, in their actions and did not allow whose requests, suggestions and participation. And this sign — the first on a staff management, as a reminder of the Higher that your administration may be so. Above the head of the ram — the symbol of the heart, from which the left and right of the Moon. They are symbols of fillings, ie Your heart (feel human heart — it's not lying) should lead you to the fate and fill two active energy: the energy of love and understanding and energy safe, stable and profitable life. The concept of "Living Well" is all that is necessary for well-being.
And in between moons, coming out of the heart, we see the character Yari.
Thus, in the old days depicted Xph (Sanskrit merger lingam and Ionia) Xph, the concept of "rage" and Xph the concept of "love." Love must be fervent, powerful, and your rage should always appear when someone breaks your love. This beam above is supplemented by two folded wings in flight, but between the wings tail fluff. Tail suggests that we should not forget that each of us must be ambitious if you want, we must react strongly to embellish and promote the human world, if he does not take care of its merits — about which no one remembers. But there is no better quality, as a self-sufficient person feel that he is worthy of a good, rich and loving life in high esteem
Next ray shows two keepers, who brought the leg to the top. One of their foot on the ground, the second leg to turn the wheel of time, moving the world from the past to the future. That is, having a time and space, we are forming now, and this step up, step in the highest worlds prosperity. These guardians specifically touching our affairs and it give to everyone what everyone deserves. The bottom symbol — a symbol of the real moving temporarily living person. The next symbol — a symbol of the creation of space, a symbol of the sun. The next character — it is a sign of investment and co-create the forces of man. Next symbol meaningful realities of life, for which people change their world. Even higher — a sign of the four cardinal directions.
Even higher — a sign which is not clearly visible, but it means a divine fire. And it's the characters who tell us that we must use all possible and impossible strength to build the world a strong and real. Therefore, at this line of undulating tree depicted — as if no clear line dream. Upstairs again we see the symbols of crosses, which are connected with two petals, and sits at the bar of this holy God Falcon, Falcon princes, rulers of the falcon — people who need to manage their rising up. Left and right — it's the moon. They are signs of arriving forces. About moons I said earlier
Next ray — a ray MARY goddess, the goddess of wisdom. And on this ray drawn testis, as a symbol of the fact that any seed, nurtured in a person gives shoots, whether it is the seed of evil, or whether it is a seed of good. Because these seeds are depicted light, is a warning that we must carefully monitor the good dreams, grows up in our souls, light seeds, the seeds are peaceful, creative seeds, but not dark. And testis tells us that we should increase his wisdom, because the bottom of the small seeds and the top-seed drops arrived — big. Our wisdom to grow, multiply, and it should be a bright wisdom, along with her to grow and prosperity, bringing good, prosperity and happiness in our lives. And, as we see on this ray wings stretched active, then there should not be in a life of "freezing", it is necessary to move forward actively and always. Not ashamed to fall, but the fall is always scared and ashamed not to go.
On the slanting rays of Crecy, where the wings, we see billboards or target, if you will. Once upon a time in ancient gems inserted here — a symbol of traps for affluent forces. Shields — defenders and charms of our accumulated wellbeing.

In the middle of Cres is the idol, which will lie if the upper beam is a ray of "family." If a person other values and the main upper lobe is some other Crecy, the meaning of this change lies the deity. What is this deity? This Perun. And why did he have to lie if the basic concept of human happiness is "family"? Because Perun was not just a protector, Perun — god of honor and valor, was also very violent god, poor control their emotions, impulsive deity. In his hand he holds a scepter of force, surrounded by lightning, and it is said that if the main beam — beam "family" of family happiness, counsel should not be in an impulsive, quick-tempered condition. If we turn Crécy and loop soldered to the other beam, is changing the meaning and change fulcrum Cres.
A further detailed description of the rays Crecy, similarly associated with the gods, you will find in a pocket booklet — training manual in the "idols", there find hymns appeal to the gods for the revival of various energies at Crécy. If you feel an attack directed at you from the outside world, if you feel a malevolent energy, a pressure on you, you just take your Cres in his hand and rubbed a little close to your chest. Energy alive on Krese immediately activated and fill your. Cres — is not only a protector and patron, but also a mentor and liaison with the Higher!


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