Designers based on the cartoon Toy Story

Many children are fans of the movie "Toy Story," which chronicles the adventures of two friends — Base and Woody. They are the darlings boy named Andy. They live in his room. But after he left the camp, my parents decided to get rid of these toys, handing them junk. Woody Base became aware of this, and late at night to escape. They will have come a long way to be reunited with his master. LEGO company simply could not ignore the many popular cartoon. In this regard, published a series of lego toy story. In each set you will find a mini-figure base, Woody, Jessie, the boy Andy. Together with your child waiting for a very interesting and exciting adventures.

Presented in a series of sets reflect important moments shown in the cartoon. Consider a few toys sets that deserve attention. The first set — "Cowboy pursuit", which includes a mini-figure of Jesse, Woody and the base, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Of the many items your child will bring retro train and three trailer. In one of the cars is Tyrannosaurus. Base and two friends Woody must catch the train and stop the dirty offender.

A set of "Woody's Roundup" will send your child on a journey through the Wild West. In one of the towns working sheriff Woody. His service is associated with danger. He is to catch the fugitive, and Jessie rescue from captivity. He sits on his trusty steed and craps in a way. No less interesting is the set of "Escape from musorouplotnitelya." Woody and bases run away from kindergarten, where they brought the junk dealer. As shelter friends chose body trucks. Now they have to try to get out. That's just to do it will not be easy. If they do not get out, then the trash will go to the incinerator.

More recently, a series of commercially sets called lego lord of the rings, dedicated famous space saga. Each set contains mini-figures of major and minor characters of the cult film. Set, presented in a series of Lego Lord of the Rings, will be a great gift for adult fans of epic. After collecting all the sets in this series, your child can create a game world in which characters live star wars. Designers can be purchased in any children's store in your city or online store.

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