Directive number 1. War watch online

Directive number 1.  War watch online
Has almost 70 years of debate on the causes of the defeat of the Red Army, majestically first Russian war. How is it that surpassed the Germans in numbers and weapons personnel army was virtually destroyed in the first months of the war? After killing a Russian first strike forces of the Union, having in its composition three divisions, ten of thousands of tanks and aircraft, one can it was just a massive nuclear strike. But the atomic bomb Hitler had … In the last hours of peace in 1941 was created the document, which went down in history as Directive Number 1. It ordered to be on high alert and meet the likely unexpected strike Germans and their allies. Why is it war was a surprise to us? Where looked intelligence? One can Was it to avoid such developments? At the expense of whom worked as the Third Reich's war machine? How and why the British destroyed the French fleet?

2nd Global war

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