Does hunger strike Statkevich unknown

Since the end of December to the majority of prisoners arrested in the case of post-election events of the night in Minsk, do not allow lawyers. Relatives of inmates of the KGB did not have accurate information even about their health. Meanwhile, the Attorney-General Grigory Vasilevich said today that the protection provided by the prisoners.

Came from the KGB detention anecdotal evidence that the ex-presidential candidate, the prisoner "American" Statkevich allegedly stopped the hunger strike, which he began more than a month ago, just after his arrest on December 19.

However, to confirm this information can not be neither journalists nor relatives of political prisoner. Wife says Statkevich Marina Adamovich:

"I'm not sure about this. Very sensitive issue, as it has not been seen since the 29th of December last year. Believe that they had something to show, they would have already come up with any investigations, to show his counsel and testify before the whole world that he's all right. But the lawyer goes there every day, both at work and to this day no information about the state of his health, that I could trust, no. "

From Statkievich no information at all: if he gets letters and telegrams, continues to strike or not, how it feels — is unknown.

According to Marina Adamovich, which has a medical degree, quickly get out of the hunger strike is not possible, it is a long process.

Last week it became known about the illness of another prisoner KGB prison, the former chief of staff Sannikov, Vladimir Kobets. The lawyer, who met with Kobets in "American", said that he had bronchitis. Recently Kobets wife Juliana received a letter from him. What is known now about the state of Vladimir?

"To be honest, I did not understand. He writes that continues to drink antibiotics, and how long it takes the medication, I do not understand. Herbal medicines have passed him — writes that takes too."

Official information about the health of sick prisoners in the prison of the KGB did not give us that there are still advised to contact the lawyers. Meanwhile, today, January 24, there is no evidence that any of attorneys under investigation in the case of the events on December 19 met with their clients.

January 24 journalists have asked the Prosecutor General Grigory Vasilevich, or provided in full protection of defendants in the case of the riots that are in the KGB detention center. "December 31 the prosecutor of the republic visited in the KGB jail detainees in this case, no complaints," — said Grigory Vasilevich.

Olga Bondarenko, member of the public committee of relatives of prisoners "Liberation" on it says that on Dec. 29 with the majority of the lawyers involved in the case are not met. "Just do not allow meetings with lawyers presidential candidate Nyaklyaeu, Sannikov, Statkievich. So, to say that the right to the protection provided — is a mockery of the law, "- says Olga Bondarenko.

Part of the detainees in the case of the events of December 19 was in the city detention center outside Volodarskogo. According to human rights activists from the center of the "Spring" Anastasia Marinkina, there hold Ilya Vasilevich, Pavel Vinogradov, Russian citizens Ivan Gaponava and Artem Brevsa and others. Human rights activists say that there is no point of such security problems, which are at the prisoners, "American." Galina Parhimchik, defender Dmitri Bulanov, says:

"Yes, I saw him. Once. Summoned by the investigative actions. But more and there was no reason to cause. Feels he normally does not complain."

Some more persons involved on December 19 are in custody in Zhodino. 5 people serving administrative detention on the events of December 19 in prison in Akrestin.

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