Don found on Stonehenge

January 31, 2013 21:35

Don land keeps many secrets. We do have places that go the most incredible legends. Some of them — the real puzzle for researchers …

Don found on Stonehenge

Ten years ago, Don steppe, 120 kilometers from Rostov, were found huge standing stones, vaguely reminiscent of its location British ancient Temple of the Sun — Stonehenge. The find was immediately nicknamed Don Stonehenge, a place where there are rocks, Valley of rocks …

However, in contrast to the British construction of the Don is not cromlechs (boulders, crowned cross stones) and of vertical large stones, known as menhirs. According to a geological expertise, age rocks least 7000 BC Thus, Don megaliths much older British and other well-known in our time. And, according to the researchers, it is even suggested that megalithic culture was born on the Don, going later in the tradition of creating Scythian stone sculptures.

These stones are in the October (rural) district of Rostov region, near the hamlet stone mound Kerchik-Savra, in the valley of the river Kerchik, one of the tributaries of the Aksai. Entire stone alleys of menhirs stretching from west to east …

This is the first such finding in the Rostov region. Previously, the ancient stone buildings — megaliths, cromlechs and dolmens found only in the Caucasus and Siberia.

— The most amazing thing is not that these menhirs from limestone and other rocks, widespread in our steppes, and quartzite — says local historian Don Alexander LUDOV who finds strange stones in the Don steppe. — We can only speculate about the true purpose and the old forms of megaliths. For many centuries, and to this day people take away the ancient stones for their needs, but even for such a long period is not able to destroy all the buildings.

UFO in the Valley of Stones

While researchers are investigating the find, trying to prove the occurrence of various hypotheses mysterious stone structures in the form of giant malls, circles and squares (along with the famous circular menhirs found and stones set around the perimeter of the square), the local people have put forward their own version of the origin of megaliths — alien.

Don found on Stonehenge

However, residents of the village of Savra mysterious stones speak reluctantly, thinking that they have something unclean. The fact that the farmers are sometimes seen at night in the sky above the Valley of stones … UFO. Many are even afraid to go there in the afternoon alone. Although fear of stones inexplicable: there is nothing wrong with anyone happened.

— Every morning, before dawn, I get up to milk the cow — says a resident of the village Taisa Meretikova. — And then one day saw a substation near flies long trick with luminous windows, like no plane or a helicopter, or for anything else. Flew silently and disappeared behind the forest belt. They say it was a flying saucer. And then who knows …

These observations come here often, but ufologists unlike archaeologists and geologists have not yet interested in the mysterious stones. But imaginative tourists coming to see the menhirs, managed to generate rumors that the Valley was once an airfield stones of an ancient civilization. Perhaps, and extraterrestrial. Like, otherwise what is the point in the giant stone alleys, clearly visible from the bird's flight?

Ancient Observatory?

There are also more mundane version of the origin of the Don Stonehenge. On one of them, standing stones are a kind of ancient observatory. They were used as a calendar that people follow when break ground, sow, harvest, celebrating holidays, etc. Perhaps the ancients watched the shadows falling from the menhirs, thus determining the time and date.
Astronomy and geometry suggests version laid out on the ground of menhirs shapes — circle and square. Even in ancient cosmological theories square represented the planet Earth, and the range — the very universe.

Don found on Stonehenge

According to another version, these stones are in the so-called places of power. Not for nothing that people still show interest in various megaliths — cromlechs, menhirs, dolmens, believing in their positive energy and healing power. Perhaps this is the place — an ancient temple, and menhirs — stone idols worshiped by our ancestors.

— Another mystery of Don Stonehenge — a strict focus dug stones in parts of the world, — said Alexander Ludov. — The majority of menhirs oriented towards the east — west.

There's even a version that is a complex engineering structure of unknown purpose. After quartzite — an unusual stone. He is able to emit ultrasonic waves.

— During the spring and fall equinoxes radiation quartzite rocks and stones are activated as a start to sing the song in the ultrasonic range of variable frequency, — says Alexander Ludov. — Perhaps it is because of these features quartzite stone chosen places of worship. However, what the ancients knew about the properties of the stone, the purpose for which installed menhirs and cromlechs, remains a mystery.

Serious studies of Don megaliths have not yet begun, and the hypothesis of the origin of stones are multiplying every day. While scientists have been able to establish only the approximate age of the archaeological monument.

— If you can prove so great age structures, this finding will be a worldwide sensation, and can lay claim to being the most ancient megaliths in the world — the chairman of the regional branch of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Alexander Kozhin.

Perhaps, over time, it turns out, for what purpose were built on the Don land mysterious constructions. While it is clear only that we face yet another unsolved mystery of human civilization. But you have time to solve it? Unfortunately, this finding, as well as many of the monuments of ancient culture that are in the open, vulnerable to vandals. Over the years, the stones are less and less. Perhaps soon from Don Stonehenge will hardly remember …

Location of a meteorite

In Kamensky district of Rostov region was also found unusual rocks.

Big stone — a place a few miles from Kamensk-Shakhty. The terrain is so unusual: melted like foam earth, bizarre rocks, caves and small craters like the moon …

There are many unexplained, for example, perfectly round through-hole two feet in length and more in the rocks, the trail of a human foot, printed in stone …

Right of the field — a large area, similar to the lunar surface with craters. Places surging rock formations that resemble tiny volcanoes. The stone head is stuck in the bizarre forms: a mask for Halloween, a stone cheesecake, perfectly round ball … the steppe scattered many of these round stones with a diameter of 10 to 30 centimeters. And yet — the fancy stones with outlines of turtles, sphinxes, crocodiles … There is also a square, as if lined with stone slabs correct form. This freak of nature.

Esotericism called Big Stone place of power, and come here to meditate. Some believe that a UFO landed here once — it's the melted rock, and the holes in the rocks nasverlili aliens, taking soil samples. However, the scientists explain that all these bizarre geological formations are the result of a meteorite … almost 50 million years ago. More precisely, even two — big Kamensky and Gus smaller. Preserved even 25-kilometer meteorite crater residue. Anomalous zone has long attracted the attention of scientists and described in the scientific works.

True, ordinary tourists are more interested in where the legend of aliens and bizarre terrain surface.

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