Don Stonehenge cherish from witches

July 19, 2012 10:11

Age sanctuary about 3 thousand years
Unique "place of power" on the Don near Trehostrovskoy Russian village healers-recommended practices to protect from the "evil forces."

Photo: Sergei Novitsky

Contemporary pyramids

This unique place — "Don Stonehenge" — is not the first film was shot, written popular articles.
It all began more than a decade ago. Archaeologists Volgograd State University found in a remote steppe Zadonsk unusual perfectly oval mound with a diameter of about 200 meters. However, this place is not far from the Don has long attracted the attention of local residents, scientists and many hunters unknown. Some saw it as an alien landing site, others felt that they face a mysterious burial powerful rulers of antiquity.

 According to historical tradition in the late XIX century a certain Peter Avdeev decided to look for gold in the mound, but shoveled a huge amount of land that could take out a few loads of … ordinary charcoal. Even in Soviet times, unusual mystery mound tried to open a large archeological expedition. However, for some unknown, not come down to us because of the then excavated on the mound were hastily abandoned. Locals even claim that the head of the expedition were the priests in a dream of the distant past in unknown outfits and quite clearly, intelligibly advised: "Do not touch the ground here. You did not come with the good, and the land will sweep you all. "

Voice of ancestors

On the threshold of the 2000s, a scientific expedition, which included Doctor of History, Professor Anatoly Skripkin Volgograd, spouses Alekseeva from Moscow Institute of Physics and Biological Problems of Soil Science, started another excavation of the sanctuary. This time successful. Scientists dream no one chased, and thoroughly researched this place, they agreed on the fact that there were religious building like that anywhere else in Europe. Was restored and appearance of the monument.
As it turned out, the upper layers of the earth to hide … a giant open-air temple in honor of the fire god Agni. Landscape Temple is a hemispherical mound of dirt with fragments of limestone, surrounded by a ditch depth of 2 meters with a width of 30 meters and a diameter of the outer circle of 200 meters. The central portion of the surface of the prairie rose above 2 meters.
Age sanctuary established by radiocarbon dating — about three thousand years — the time of the Egyptian pharaohs and pyramids. It was then supposed to have lived in the Lower Volga tribes proirantsev or proariev closely "friends" with the cult of fire.
According to archaeologists and local historians, it was quite complicated structure. In the center there was built of stone oven height of five meters. About once a week a stone tank completely filled with firewood. Then it was burned and covered with a layer of gravel, limestone. Thanks to this trick Zoroastrians priests, rulers of worship, built their furnace does not burn in the conventional sense, but only strongly smoldering. For the huge temple oven followed periodically replenishing stocks of firewood, agents of the tribe. Traces of their settlements are found here, not far from the church, in nearby gullies and Grain Kachalin.
Sanctuary in Trehostrovskoy known more than a year, but all the mysteries of the place added. Began to come here for healing, for quite forgotten cults alone or whole groups of tourists and "pilgrims of the spirit."
Last week at the famous shrine visited practice healers from Penza Julia Tambulatova and Galina Lobanov. "It is certainly very interesting, powerful place — says a young healer Julia. — If a person with good thoughts will come here, pray, meditate for peace and good in the world, he is very quick to come extra health, strength and opportunities. In prayer, never wanted to just being yourself, a loved one. Pray for all the land and all the people at once. "
Julia Tambulatova also warns that the service Natural Park, home of the sanctuary, its current local historians, curators strongly guarded by a visit to this place of sorcerers, the notorious black magicians. "This is a very good place, there has never spilled blood, no barbaric sacrifice, — says the woman. — And it will fulfill all your wishes. Unfortunately, many places of power in our country have stopped working because there began to administer evil witchcraft. Dolmens in the Caucasus, for example. Take care of the sanctuary. "


Not far from the sanctuary is the famous hill Romanian mountain, where from all over the country come ufologists. Be here long impossible starts to get a headache. Cosmoenergetics claim that this is where there are energy flows of space and underground mineral resources.

Author: Sergei Novitsky

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