Doomsday scenarios, from Archangel to Israfaila Tymoshenko and Euro 2012


Scientists believe that Armageddon is generated "games subconscious" and mystics predict — our world will die from fire, water and earthquakes. The solar eclipse which occurred yesterday, and even more powerful — which will happen on August 1, suggest the gloomy thoughts. The vast majority of terrestrial crops is a myth about the end of the world — universal vsezemnoy crash, which die after all that surrounds us.


The ancient tribes of South America told about the invasion of wild beasts and monsters and space fires, many myths Europeans tells the story of the Flood, Earthquake. East says the small corners of the world — of successive cycles, dying world is reborn in a different form, as well as people reborn, according to the Eastern mystics, in a different body. Large same end would come after coming to earth thousandth of the Buddha, but when it happens, and what is now the account Buddha on earth — is unknown. Modern myths scare nuclear winter, global warming and the war robots.

Fear of the unknown? "Man — a being extremely shy. On the one hand he held a total fear of the unknown on the other side it is surrounded by a world in which there is nothing more permanent than change — says religious scholar Igor Kozlovsky — A man wants to know what will happen after death, and parallel reflects: "For what?" (for example, Adam was cast out of heaven, so to speak, for breach of diet). Here and there were myths about the end of the world. "

The editor of the journal "Applied Psychology and Social Work" Alexander Gubenko adds that reasoning on the themes end of the world, man, as it dominates the world (here I am a mere mortal, and argue about the death of all things), and creates a "virtual" compensation for all received Life resentment. The idea that the death of all the calls, and would eliminate the social inequalities and the Last Judgement punishes vice and encourage virtue — gives mental satisfaction and helps to survive the injustice in life.

PROPHECY? At the same time, mystics disagree with the fact that the collapse of all that — a myth. "There are too many similarities in the stories born at opposite ends of the planet. Scenario all about one — fire from the sky, fading sun, the earthquake and tsunami. Ancient prophets looked into the future and saw there the same thing — the death of the planet and civilization" — believes Master of Magic Vsevolod Rangin. True, some experts occult admit that ancient fears are overblown.

WHAT TO DO? If we frighten ourselves end of the world, the scientists frighten us with our fear, because Ph.D. Ruslan Vasjutin told us about the "end of the world inside" when large groups of people fall into depression, become prone to panic, suicide.

"Every day, every moment is a mini-end of the world is dying moment. Joining him are born and we die permanently. And the most important thing — to live now and do not expect the end of the world" — says Kozlowski.


The most colorfully described end of the world "Revelation," the last book of the New Testament. "And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs. This is the spirits of devils, working miracles. They go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty. And he gathered them together into a place called in Hebrew "Armageddon." In the Book of Revelation describes the events that will take place before the second coming of Jesus Christ to the earth and will be accompanied by numerous disasters and miracles (fire from heaven, the resurrection of the dead, the vision of angels).

Thus theologians warn that should not be taken literally all that is described in scripture. "As you read these lines, you realize that this is not fiction, that a man did see pictures of the future. But how could the ancients to explain to others what they had seen. If at the time saw the plane, that would describe his brand and not by the number of warheads and as iron bird, spewing fire, the tank seemed to fire with an iron beak, "web will cover the whole world," it is most likely a network the Internet, "- says Vladislav Pustovoy candidate.

Doomsday scenarios in different nations

The Scandinavian (date unknown)

The prophecy about the end of the world was dead seer named volva, which is especially for this time enlivened by the supreme god Odin Viking. It begins with a monstrous earthquake. From the yawning depths exempt god Loki and rebel leads his squad in the last fight. Fenrir the giant wolf swallows the sun, another wolf steals month. From the realm of the dead sails made of nails dead ship Naglfar. The giant Surt approaching from the south with a sword, which is "brighter than the sun" (fire).

From the depths, to the land dethroning the giant waves, pops the World Serpent Jormungand. Stars fall from the sky. Tremble. Begins Ragnarok — the battle of gods and monsters, which are dying and they both, and at the end of Surt which burns with fire the whole world. But over the world followed the death of his rebirth, hidden in a grove saved two people — Dives and Livtrasir, they again give rise to the human race …

In Muslim (date unknown)

The last day will be preceded by days of atheism and moral decline. "Got into a mosque will not perform the prayer, the shopkeeper will give light weight and obmerivat, maintaining the dogs will become more attractive occupation than the education of the child", "Drunkenness and usury will be common," etc. You will then be a descendant of Allah over the head of which is a cloud. And the angel of the cloud will proclaim: "This is the Mahdi! Follow his orders!" Then you will see the false prophet Dajjal (up short leg curves, curly hair, one eye — damaged), and call himself a god.

Then there will be signs — the sun rises from the west, the land of mist envelops, from which the infidels will swell to death. After that, people will hear the sound of the trumpet. It Israfail angel shall sound. This sound will slay all living beings on earth will happen terrible storm and a major earthquake. Crumble to the ground all the mountains. Then the angel will blow into the tube again, and then all will be resurrected and called on the Supreme Court, where everyone will be judged according to their works.

American-style (December 23, 2012 (13?) Year)

Ancient peoples of South America believed that our Earth has already gone through four great epochs and changed four human races. Preceding crops were lost in the cataclysm, and only a few people still alive and told about the incident. On representations of the Maya, now we have the Fifth Sun is shining, and his epoch, which began on August 12 3114 BC, is coming to an end. First Sun lasted for 4008 years and was destroyed by earthquakes and eaten by jaguars. Second Sun lasted for 4010 years and was destroyed by the wind and the raging cyclone. Third Sun lasted for 4081 years, it has destroyed a rain of fire from the huge volcanic crater. Fourth Sun lasted 5026 years and fell from a great flood. The researchers counted the ancient to the modern era calendars and get the exact date of the "death" of the Fifth Sun — December 23, 2012. At this time, all life on Earth supposedly destined to be killed by some "movement of the planet" may shift the poles.

Scientifically (SOON)

Scientists predict that by 2020, climate change, so that Europe expects a series of horrible rains and floods, which destroyed much of the crop and bring the world's population to starvation. At the same time there will be new "version" of the flu. By 2030, gone from 20 to 30% of the flora and fauna. In 2050, the planet might shudder at never seen before earthquakes. All these natural disasters will accompany war for resources, overpopulation of the planet will not be able to feed all the people. And as an option to use nuclear weapons to "clear the area" — but the radiation will destroy all life.

Other scientists say the revolt of microscopic robots — smart dust (it can heal and create the complex mechanisms involved in its development and the best minds of the superpowers) will begin a self-replicating. After a time, all life on earth will turn into "gray goo" nanobots being dismantled on the molecule.

In the prophetic (NEXT FEW DAYS)

Bulgarian prophetess Vanga prophesied as the last days: "Soon the world will come hard times, and people will get rid of the bodies. You can live without a body, but the spirit, only the energy, like the dead. Good people will survive, and the evil that consider themselves intelligent, die. So many die. And then it will be very good life … All be changed in the blink of an eye. "

But the vision of an American Veronica Luken: "There comes the last days of our era. Fall to the ground fireball, similar to the sun. Everyone can see it in the sky for two weeks. Then came three days of darkness. Before that, an explosion on the sun, and the sky turns pink … In Asia and Africa will be war. People are in a panic. Those who still remain alive, will run through the streets like crazy. Smoke and dust close all. And a voice telling me: three days … three days … three days … "

And according to the commentators of the legendary Michel Nostradamus quatrains last year of his prophecies th 3797, that is the end of the world before this date will not be.

"Entry into the EU-STEP TO ARMAGEDDON"

After the appearance of numerous myths and prophecies about the end of the world, people's minds budarazhit question: "When". They were waiting for Armageddon in 1000, in 1492, it — the year 7000 from creation (even rebuilt in Moscow Kremlin, to better prepare for the coming end). Was not missed and ominous and sinister 1666, 1998 (divided by 3 gives 666). On the Internet you can find a schedule over the world for the next 20 years in which the planet is dying each year, the fall of the meteorite, or sweeping away all stardust, nuclear war, or "turning of the sun." The most popular date astrologers, 2012, found in the calendar of the ancient Mayans. In this case, Christians insist: "No one knows the day nor the hour" because sadly live knowing that in five years we "armagedets."

"Evacuation", "End of the world will come when people will lose freedom. And when he did not have a choice to do good or bad, as it will dictate the actions of the system — God begins to" evacuate "- believes the candidate of theology Vladislav Pustovoy. According to him , now man's freedom is severely limited, we are dependent on electricity, gas and water supply. impossible as before himself, no one is dependent, to produce the necessities of life — from the wood, to clothes. stores only in the products that we offer (their range — just an illusion, try to find a store egg laid by a chicken on a rustic grass). teach children in all countries will soon be on a single template, preventing free-thinking, and "homemade" education does not allow to go to college.

"Joining the EU brings end of the world, globalization imprisons. Mankind today are monotheistic, it worships the golden calf, which dictates what to buy, who to vote for in the election, fight with anyone — says Pustovaia — Christianity hinders society, and have already begun produce "adapted" Scripture from which ejected line that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Soon, doctors will dismiss for the fact that they refuse to have an abortion or euthanasia … ".

Another interesting view of religion expressed Armageddon Igor Kozlovsky: "It has long been observed that when a person retires, he starts to fade away, he loses interest in life. Possible to draw parallels with humanity and, while it is young, and it is interesting to live — late the world will not. "


Astropolittehnolog Igor Lepshin sure that the world will end in 2012-2013, while stressing that it will not be the end of mankind, and the end of civilization superpowers USA and the EU. "After 13 years, countries that are considered the most developed, will survive, while at the same time start the prosperity of the new state on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus." And a kind of a "catalyst" that will blow the world system is projected Lepshina will … Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, our country when it enters the EU and … destroy it from within (political scientists, however, are very skeptical that the EU is close to the entrance).

In the coming years, the country will be rampant totalitarian methods of control, cleaning and killing unwanted politgruppirovkam politicians and businessmen. "Euro 2012 will not be, but the stadiums will be useful, they can be arranged camps for dissidents" — predicts Lepshin. According to him, and the next 12 months will be difficult — in the years Adder (on the Zoroastrian calendar) will shed a lot of water and blood, and will be natural disasters and man-made disasters.

Vlad Abramov, "Today"


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