Doppelganger: they — are we?

November 29, 2011 5:50

People see not just his double — they see their astral and often have the feeling that this is their true nature

Once the famous German poet Goethe was heading to a personal meeting in Strasbourg. Peacefully rocking on divantsah friendly crew, he threw a casual glance out the window and to my surprise I saw on the side of the figure itself. True, the twin of the poet wore a gray coat, trimmed with gold embroidery. Similar fashion in Goethe was not, but eight years later, driving along the same road, he remembered the case realized that dressed exactly as if it was wearing a double.

Someone NEAR

Cases where people see their twins — are not uncommon. Facts about twins in large amounts recorded as in psychiatry and medical practice, and in the historical documents and literary works. In the language of science such a meeting with his counterpart called autoskopicheskimi hallucinations (He-auto-skopie, that is — "a vision of itself"). German version of the concept autoscope — doppelgangers, which literally translates as "human counterpart."

What is autoskopicheskaya hallucination? This is when a person in full consciousness, sees its replica, standing or sitting next to him. A copy of the volume, there is an absolute similarity, however, doppelgangers can look younger or older.

Vision often dressed differently, but in clothes "master", it may be different from the position of the "original." Not only can such a double move and act.

Usually this type of hallucinations are short, and when you try to touch his double — the vision disappears. In this case, scientists recognize that a realistic assessment of the time factor here — a very difficult task, because the person lost all sense of time. What feels lasts an hour, in fact, in just a few minutes. Nature doppelgangers are still a mystery. However, the reasons for which people are beginning to see themselves — also from the area of the unknown.


In psychiatry and medicine are quite clever explanation of this unusual phenomenon. True, these explanations are quite a few, and which of them is the right thing — is unknown. In medical science dominates the view that autoskopicheskie hallucinations characteristic of people with certain types of mental and physical disorders.

Thus, physicians have noted that people with epilepsy before the attack could see his double. The vision itself may also occur in delirium (stupefaction), with intoxication, carbon monoxide poisoning and drug trances.

Strong voltage or hypothermia can also cause trance states of consciousness. Thus, the effect of splitting known athletes experiencing overvoltage at-risk situations, such as jumping. Sometimes autoskopicheskie hallucinations associated with a critical time in the period of illness (eg, pneumonia) in which the patient sees ourselves.

With regard to mental health, they also believe autoskopicheskie hallucinations quite prosaic thing. In their view, this is a purely physiological abnormalities caused mainly delirium or hysteria. Except hysteria, another reason for this phenomenon psychiatrists believe any kind of shock effect exerted on the brain and nervous system.

The fact is that in addition to sensations arising from the perception of the five senses, there are feelings that are transmitted through the sympathetic nervous system. Nervous system processes information based on stimuli that are not normally observed consciousness (eg, feelings of gravity, motion, position). As a result, developed the spatial scheme of the body, and because of some physical or mental reasons in the head may be the splitting of the body schema, and a person has a hallucination of a twin. But if it was that easy and smooth as described psychiatrists and physicians! In fact, it appears that autoscope — something far more complex and mysterious than a scheme in mind.

Stratification of the body?

There are other explanations of the nature and doppelgangers autoskopicheskih hallucinations. One version — the existence of multiple dimensions and parallel worlds, one of which is inhabited by our counterparts. And these twins can be even more intelligent than the "original" of our world. There have been cases of independent and often life-saving effects of twins in relation to the "original."

So, Carlos Castaneda talked about the event that occurred with his mentor — Don Juan. Once don Juan had to fight for his life in the turbulent waters of the Mexican fast flowing river. Not having the strength to get out, he raced with the ebullient flow and saw parallel to the river on the bank of the person running. Don Juan suddenly realized that he himself is hot on the beach. And after that, he found the strength to get out of the river, almost became his tomb.

The other case, we can say anekdotichen. The founder of the British College of Mental Sciences Hyuat James Mackenzie (1870 — 1929) was a fierce opponent of alcohol and drugs, and a strong belief that they have a negative impact on both the body and the soul. In order to prove the harmfulness of serpents, he deliberately "took on his chest," a hefty dose of alcohol, and went for a walk. Looking across the street, he saw himself walking along the sidewalk. Moving the view of oneself, walking on the other side, came to the extreme confusion, because he could not determine where is his true "I".

Some paranormal investigators are inclined to see in autoskopicheskih hallucinations body experience. People see not just his double — they see their astral and often have the feeling that this is their true nature.

One of the pioneers of the study of life after death and out of body experiences R. Moody said: "… autoskopicheskie hallucinations sometimes similar to the phenomenon that is associated with near death experiences. However, if we focus on all the points of similarity and completely forget about the differences, and then, sure, the existence of hallucinations autoskopicheskih not give an explanation out of body experience. "

In support of that autoscope — different from out of body experience, he brings in his book "Life After Life" description unique autoskopicheskoy hallucinations witnessed by just two: "At about 11 o'clock on a summer night … I walked home, his future wife in my sports car. I parked the car on the side of the road in front of the facade of the house, and we were both amazed, as seen in one and the same time his own, sitting side by side and embracing images … They were still there when I left. "

"Doubling" of the Creator

The art theme autoskopicheskih twins presented a very extensive. Many creators came face to face with his personal copy. And copies to behave differently. For example, a known case occurred with Guy de Maupassant, told his friend that when you return home, he found his double, sitting in a chair. In general, the double Maupassant behaved very, very reasonable: he not only spoke to the "master" and even contradicted it, but time and again his dictation Maupassant took notes.

A truly "sick" theme doppelganger stood at Edgar Allan Poe, who, incidentally, first raised the issue of the double in the classical literature, based, apparently, on their own experience. As one of its researchers, "the concept of the double, a bifurcated man in his pathological extremes — the most important and the only motive on. He can not get enough of, and uses it in different variations. Any possible doubling of the human body: a shadow on the floor, the portrait on the wall in the mirror leads to its counterpart. "

A truly "sick" theme doppelganger stood at Edgar Allan Poe, who, incidentally, first raised the issue of the double in the classical literature, based, apparently, on their own experience

Phenomenon autoscope experience many famous people: French mathematician Descartes, the writer George Sand, and the English poet Shelley, Sir Walter Scott and Byron. Faced with a double and Fyodor Dostoevsky, the result of this meeting was the product of "The Double". What causes dopplegangers in our world — is unknown. But they — the reality, melting at the touch …

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