Drought and famine in Somalia

At least 750 thousand people in Somalia threatens starvation, according to a report released today by the UN office. Difficult situation in the Horn of Africa has developed because of the onset of unprecedented drought. The disaster has already swept the sixth area in Somalia, which has a population of about 8 million people, according to ITAR-TASS.

"There are four million people are covered by the crisis, 750 thousand of them will die in the next four months, if the international community does not respond adequately," — the document says the UN.

At present, the country, with six "areas of famine." The sixth area became provinces Bay, where the situation has become very serious. "The level of malnutrition (in children) in Bay reached 58%. This is a record number of acute malnutrition," — saidBBCSenior Technical Advisor to the UN Grein Moloney.

According to the organization, tens of thousands of people have died, more than half of them — children. "At the current rate of response to the crisis, hunger will continue to spread for another four months," — the report says.

Since the beginning of July in East Africa started strong in the last 60 years of drought. According to the UN, in the Horn of Africa is in urgent need of food aid to about 12 million people, including 4.8 million — in Ethiopia, 3.7 million — in Somalia, 2.9 million — in Kenya and 164 thousand — Djibouti.

At the moment, the Horn of Africa receive only 59% of the required aid.

In late July, the Somali Islamist group of "Al-Shabab" the UN report called propaganda and initially banned the delivery of humanitarian aid by Western organizations, but then the UN employees were still able to open the air bridge in Somalia.

The famine in Somalia due to the fact that neither the government nor the Somali aid agencies can fully operate in areas controlled by insurgents. The central government, supported by the UN, the only controls the capital Mogadishu and several areas in the heart of the country.

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