During the ice age in the U.S. was a rain of diamonds


Tankersley originally wanted to disprove West's theory of his research, but it turned out just the opposite (photo UC).

A team of scientists from the University of Cincinnati (University of Cincinnati), led by Associate Professor Ken Tankersley (Ken Tankersley) has found yet another confirmation of the curious theory. The fact that over North America exploded a space object now indicate diamonds and precious metals from the rain which was held in the eastern U.S. during the ice age.

As might have been in the U.S. states of Ohio and Indiana diamonds, gold and silver from the Canadian province? The powerful explosion equivalent to ten thousand Tungus, says a retired geophysicist Allen West (Allen West), who participated in the new study.

The fact that in the sky over Canada (or rather over the glaciers), about 12 900 years ago could blow the asteroid (or a small comet) that gave rise to the most powerful blast wave and was the cause of mass deaths of animals and humans, scientists have known for a long time. Previously, they even found a possible meteorite particles in the bones of mammoths.

But no one thought that the evidence of this can be precious stones and metals are found in the eastern U.S.. The problem was that the area where they were found, no deposits of these substances.

Held diffraction analysis findings showed that they had moved there from the Canadian Great Lakes region.

Probably pieces of rock thrown into the atmosphere, or they hit the powerful streams of water from melted glaciers. And this process of dissemination of jewelry was a few months.

"Some of the diamond particles and metals were so small that the animals could inhale them. Larger and were also able to significantly hurt falling from the sky" — suggests the West.

At this point the study area continues, in particular, the scientists searching for iridium, microscopic pieces of the meteorite and nanodiamonds. For more information on the current study, see the press release from the university.

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By the way, we talked about the star, the core of which is a huge diamond, and later physicists said that in our galaxy there may be similar planets.


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