Edgar Mitchell: Russia to declassify data on UFOs!


American astronaut who walked on the moon, in an exclusive interview with "Life" has confirmed that the government hiding information about aliens
Star World Space Edgar Mitchell said that he has reason to believe that the Russian government is hiding information about the visits aliens in its territory.

— In the U.S., many other countries, including Russia, have data on foreign beings — says Mitchell. — Governments must disclose this information!

While all over the world have decided to take this step only France and the United Kingdom partially.

Recall that the 77 year old astronaut Edgar Mitchell took part in the mission, "Apollo 14" and became the sixth man walked on the moon. His stay on the surface of the Earth satellite was nine o'clock 17 minutes.

With its outstanding reputation in the global aerospace, Mitchell dared serious statement — aliens exist! He argues that the security services of all the major powers have shocking archives contacts earthlings with UFOs.

Mr. Mitchell took the time to talk with a reporter and newspaper "Life". Its very interested in the situation with UFO observations in Russia.

For general press was forced to read the text submitted by the intelligence official version

— According to my information, the reports of UFO sightings, photos and video materials in the Soviet Union built up over forty years. Now many of the materials from this voluminous files are stored in a 22 m Central Research Institute of Moscow. And the UFO archives are still classified.

Despite his advanced age, the astronaut is very cheerful — affects military hardening. He nautically clear and specific in their statements and the statements in the past, he was an officer of naval forces.

— Do you have information that aliens have ever visited the territory of modern Russia?

— I'm sure — it's true!

— Are there any specific places on Earth that are most frequently visited by aliens?

— According to my information, they had been almost everywhere. I know that the witnesses are in almost every country. But I mainly cultivate personal contact only with those experts in ufology who live in the United States. We communicate very well, and from them I get information about what might look like aliens. My own interest in UFOs began with the town Roswell in New Mexico, which is known for the sensational story with aliens who visited this place in 1947. After all, this is my homeland. I grew up there. I am sure that the events described in those years — the truth. After inspecting the remains of the UFO people from the ranch, where I and my family knew. They are my neighbors and friends.

According to eyewitnesses was restored image of an alien from Roswell


In July 1947, an ordinary farmer were found unusual remains unknown device attached to anything like a balloon. For some time the object was kept at the ranch from the farmer. When he shared his discovery, immediately called a press conference at which he revealed some details of the remains and said that it's just a weather balloon.

— Gen. Roger Ramey, who represented the formal discovery, hid in her lap issued to him in advance a small scrap of paper with the notes that are considered necessary to give to the people — says Mitchell. — Everyone expected thunder sensation throughout the country, but that did not happen. This is only one newspaper wrote — «Roswell Daily Record». The object immediately seized by the military. Everyone was shocked, why keep quiet about the incident. But people simply asked to cover their mouths. This case and influenced my decision to become an astronaut in the future.

Until now, the astronaut tracks all the information about the aliens.

— These things happen all the time — says Mitchell. — That's even if you take the past year. Three weeks ago, there was evidence of UFOs in Texas. How old military pilots report regularly about what UFOs are watching, but never yet these data were not given any scientists or the public. And it is wrong! My mission — to ensure that discovered this information.

Edgar became the sixth man to walk on the moon

— How can it help humanity?

— I can not know. All I know is that we are not alone in the universe. And it is very important to finally publicly acknowledge this fact. And to make it official. UFO — a phenomenon that can not be denied. Just as one can not deny the existence of the stars and the sun, the sea on the planet … At present, such data are hidden by the government, and not only in my country but also in Russia and other countries, too. In my opinion, it's time to open the data. And I believe that this will happen in the near future.


— What can you share from your experience of being in space? Did you personally see the aliens?

— Contrary to rumors say that no alien bases on the moon I have ever seen. Such talk began after allegedly some buildings reflected on my helmet during the telecast landing on the moon. But this is not true. Besides, I have never been able to meet the newcomers. If you think that a walk on the moon spoiled my brains, then think again. The life forms on other planets do not have to be a "little green men". After all, the definition of scientific rational being is that it can be or not to use the information or control it. And it may come under even primitive microbes.

Svetlana Makunina

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