Either — a prison, or — emigration …

Many pro-democracy activists after the 19th of December, decided to leave their homeland. Then started to leave, when the mass arrests of protesters on Independence Square in Minsk, interrogations and searches. Who and how to arrange the time of emigration, which these people have hope?


"Without a husband and father of the family is very difficult"

Immediately after the dissolution of the Plaza of Belarus left two activists of the "Tell the Truth" — Igor Kovalenko from Mogilev and Oleg Snowstorm of Byalynichy. They were fiduciaries presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva. Homecoming activists waiting in Vilnius.

Igor Kovalenko

Igor Kovalenko was a member of the Square. On the way to Mogilev decided not to play with the fate and went to Smolensk. From there, through St. Petersburg and Finland got to Vilnius.

"At that time there was no threat, but I knew that once" just be "Neklyaeva, when he was a candidate for the presidency, everything will be very hard to turn around. In order not to go to jail, I decided to go abroad. In prison, you can not do anything either for friends or for the country, and from abroad can influence the situation in Belarus. The desire was to go for two or three days. "

Returns Kovalenko waiting in Mogilev wife and two children. KGB officers searched their apartment. While this is the only case where the wife with my own eyes I saw how the intelligence services. Neighbors and relatives are sympathetic to the male leave, says Elena Kovalenko. None at all difficult, she admits:

"He's our main karmilets. And without the support of his family is very difficult without him, of course, in general. "

Oleg Snowstorm

Oleg Snowstorm in Byalynichy waiting wife and two teenage children. Searches in the apartment was not an activist. The daughter Eugenia, however, the local policeman asked where Dad. At home she would not let him, told him to leave a phone number, and then the father contact with him. According to her daughter, still in the family of such a long separation was not:

"And my mom is going through, and I, and my brother is small. And on the farm is also very hard without him. My friends, too, are going through and for what happened on December 19, and for what is happening in the country, and that my father had left and that he was not alone. "

Behind Oleg Metelitsa — seventy days of administrative otsidok. They noted the power of his activity in the previous election campaigns. Until he reached Vilnius via Russia and Estonia. Why Vilnius? Because here seeking the majority of Belarusian political refugees, says the activist.

"Vilnius — a city close to Belarus. Yerevan State University here, there is a house of human rights. There is always the Belarusians. Always someone comes here. Thus, you can start to do something. What we have started from the first day. "

Snowstorm Oleg and Igor Kovalenko, together with colleagues from other regions of Belarus in Vilnius create "Belarusian office of civil and political representation." It is, believe activists will become the focal point of interaction of the united opposition of the Belarusian and Lithuanian political and civil structures.


"Planning for the future of this power is extremely difficult"

From Brest and region have gone abroad after the events of a few people in the Square. Companions do not know whether their friends will return to Belarus.

Gleb Chomutov, YSU student and a student at Warsaw University Andrew Sharenda Now abroad, respectively, in Vilnius and Warsaw. In social networks, Gleb Chomutov said that he wanted to change his life, very tired of what happened. Friends and colleagues do not know whether the boys will return to Brest, said a member of the BPF Dmitry Szymanski:

"More than Gleb Chomutov and Andrew Sharenda, from Brest no one was leaving. It is difficult to say whether they return home after the session, I know and I do not know. "

Alexander Lukin Kobrin of more than a year working abroad. December 19 he was in the office of the "Charter 97", when it was searched and arrested all those present. Alexander was sentenced to 15 days that he spent in prison Zhodinskaya. After serving his sentence, Alexander went to France. Business and the real estate in Belarus, he decided to sell:

It is difficult to plan for the future with the current government.

"What happened — just awful. I knew that in the country there are problems with democracy. But that is so, I could not imagine. For some time, I'll be back in Kobrin, to sell their property. It is difficult to plan for the future with the current government. "

Alexander Lukin had the hope that the situation will change after the election. Now, he finally decided to go abroad:

"What happened and is happening, affected me very much. I used to hesitate with his decision to stay. Especially since my daughter was born in France … . "

Grodno region

"Leave, because some even tortured by the KGB …"

Some activists of the Grodno region have gone abroad, even without waiting for them to be called for questioning by the KGB. Other experienced house searches, interrogations and intimidation.

The head of the regional organization of the United Civil Party Yury Istomin, when we are talking about people who after participating in the Square have gone abroad, said that such people can be divided into several categories.

According to him, many left immediately after returning from the Plaza. According Istomin, they may have scared a barrage of information that was distributed in the state media. He says that many do not even have time to know personally — people came and were recorded in the party during the election campaign.

Another category of people, from the words of Mr. Istomin — who worked directly in the headquarters, youth leaders, who for more than a year were active in the work of the opposition. Among them: Dmitry Bondarchuk, Neklyaeva chief of staff in the Grodno region, Alexander Vasilevich, activist of the United Civil Party, as well as Cyril Semenchuk, Staff Neklyaeva activist. They left after the searches and repeated calls to the KGB.

Istomin"Dmitry Bondarchuk was the coordinator of field staff Neklyaeva. And it is in relation to these people who ran the headquarters Neklyaeva, the most severe repression. As for Alexandra Vasilevich, then we had a pretty serious information that against her were going to open a criminal case, so she went to Europe. "

Cyril Semenchuk, according Istomin, left a few days ago to seek political asylum. He served 10 days in Grodno, he was detained at the railway station when he was going to go to the Plaza. Mr. Semenchuk for months could not find a regular job builder, all denied.

When he left, it had warned us that it made a lot of pressure KGB when he was detained for a day.

Istomin"When he left, it had warned us that it made a lot of pressure KGB when he was detained for a day. And even reported to have signed a paper on
cooperation with them, because it was forced to do this because to him were subjected to physical torture. "

An activist of the movement "For Freedom" Sergei Trofimchik Beryozovka administration of Glassworks "Neman" did not extend the contract. He is finalizing the last month and said that the new work is still not found, because in their small town to make it impossible. But it is supported by friends and relatives.

Trofimchik"My family is always ready for anything, and they know what could end up, but I never once did they say, do not go there, do not do it. None of my relatives have never blamed, they say, nothing you do it. "


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