English will be the second state in Russia?

Victory Parade 2010 on Red Square in Moscow.  Winners come with its own flag.  Photo: lenta.ru

Victory Parade 2010 on Red Square in Moscow. Winners of the Cold War come with its own flag. Photo: lenta.ru

Unified state examination in a foreign language will become compulsory for schoolchildren in 2020, when everywhere will be put into effect a new GEF approved before the Ministry of Education.

New GEF assumes that the student may, when mandatory exam in a foreign language in the form of the exam, he will be able to choose a level: basic or advanced, writes, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

New GEF for high school was approved by Ministry of Justice yesterday. He suggests that in high school will be required only of the subjects: mathematics, Russian language and literature, foreign language, history, and life safety, and physical education. Three or four courses students can choose on their own, but to study the budget account for no more than 37 hours a week (now the state pays for 36 hours).

But at the same time …

Conference "Compatriots — descendants of the great Russians" supported fix for the Russian language official status of workers in the EU, writes, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Idea was supported by the Russian Foreign Ministry. "Start collecting signatures calling for the European Union decided to Russian as a working language in the EU" — said at the conference "Compatriots — descendants of the great Russians", the representative of the Coordinating Council Andrey Musin-Pushkin.

He told me that a petition for a referendum for the first 15 days in France have already collected more than a thousand signatures. "In the referendum in Europe should be involved 53,000 people. Then the question should be resolved positively, "- said Musin-Pushkin.

"In Europe, home to 6.5 million people, for whom the Russian language — native. And about the same study it and own it. This is a good reason for that, in European countries, he officially became the working language ", — quotes the Director of the Foreign Ministry for work with compatriots Alexander Chepurina Information Service Foundation" Russian world ".

Conference "Compatriots — descendants of the great Russians" is held for the second time. It is attended by 32 descendants of the famous Russian names from France and Belgium, the UK and Germany, the USA and Australia, all of the 13 countries. Among them — the descendants of Stolypin and Lermontov, and Golitsyn Soldatenkova, Tatishchev and Kutuzov.

Among the issues raised during the meeting, — better access to representatives of the old Russian visa Russian emigration. A separate topic is the preservation of the Russian language in the Diaspora, as well as maintaining the purity of the Russian language, reported the Voice of Russia radio.

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